Will of Thomas Jackson, 1615

Herts RO 8AR59 = 56AW17

The content of the two copies is the same but the spelling was somewhat altered in the registered copy; the transcription below follows the original.

In the name of god amen This first of June in anno 1615 I Thomas Jackson of Winslow &c make this my last Will and Testament in m(a)n(ne)r and forme \following/ It(e)m I give my soule unto Allmighty God in whome & by whome I trust to be saved It(e)m I bequeath unto the Churche of Saynt Albans xij d To the churche of Wynslowe xij d To the pore of the towen in brede ij s vj d To the Ringers xij d To my sonne Anthony xij d To my daughter Jane Varny xij d To my daughter Mary Shylborne xij d To my daughter Margerytt Jackson xl s To my daughter Thomsin Jackson Hydde x s To my daughter Inggram xij d To macke a drynking att my buryll v s To my dawghter Angnis Lee ij s vi d It(e)m to paye my debts that is to say to Henry Wallys by a bill of my hand att dayes appointed xlvj s viij d To goodman Chinnor the miller vij s To Michell Wallys his man x s To my syster Haynes of Byllisdon x s v s It(e)m that all my goods shalbe praysed p(re)sently after my decease to what soever yt comythe unto And that there shalbe so myche money allowyd forthe of the same to paye these my detts as aforesayd And my charges for and at my buryall It(e)m the reste of my goods and money so remayninge I dowe allowe them unto my sonne Samuell Jackson to paye my laggacis as before wrytten & I dowe allowe unto the praysers of my goods for theyre paynes tacking in this behalfe fyve shyllings a pece.  And to be my over sears of this my wyll p(er)formyd
[signed] By me Thomas Jackson
[signed] wittnes hereof Henry Wallys Henry Windov(er)
[Latin] Administration was granted on 5 Dec 1615 of all the goods etc of Thomas Jackson deceased to Samuel Jackson his son etc.

[Latin] May everyone know by these present documents that I Samuel Jackson of Wynslow in the county of Bucks gent[?] am held and firmly bound to the venerable Master John Byll professor of theology archdeacon of St Albans in London diocese for £20 of legal money of England to be paid to the archdeacon or his certain attorneys, executors, administrators or assigns.  To the making of which payment truly and faithfully I bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators.  Sealed with my seal on 5 Dec 1615.

Inventory of Thomas Jackson, 1615

Herts RO A25/2541

The True and perfitt Inventary of all and singuler the goods debts and Cattells of Thomas Jackson late of Wynslo in the Cownty of Buck deceased made and praysed the vth day of december 1615 by John Glenister Richard Stuttesbury Michael Walker and Nicholas Overinge.

In his owne Chamber
In Primis a Trusse Bedsted a Truckle bed fowr stooles and a Chayr
xiiij s
Item two Coverletts two blancketts two bolsters and two pillowes
xl s
Item thre Cofers a Trunck and a Table
xvj s
Item a fringe for a Bed fower Cusshyons and a paynted clothe
ij s vj d
Item a litle Posnet of Brasse and other small peeces of Brasse
vj s
Item twelve small peeces of Pewter
iiij s
Item old iron and other old Lumber
iij s iiij d
Item fyve Sheetes two pillowberes a Table clothe and thre napkyns
xvj s
In the hall
Item a Table with a frame a forme a Benche and a back bourde
x s
In the Former Parlor
Item a Table a Frame and a Benche bourde
v s
In the Litle Parlor
Item a Cupbord a Table and a forme
xvj s
In the kitchen
Item a Trough with a Lydd and a pa(n)ne
x s
In the Chambers over the Parlor and the kitchen
Item a Bedstede a Table thre formes and other Lumber
xiij s iiij d
In the Buttrye
Item thre shelves
xij d
In the Stable and yarde
Item certeyne lumber
vj s viij d
Item his wearinge Apparell
xx s
Summa totalis ix li iij s x d

[signed] Samuell Jackson

[Presented by Samuel Jackson the administrator on 12 Dec 1615]


The will did not name an executor, which is presumably why Samuel is called the administrator.

Thomas Jackson was buried on 7 July 1615.  Barbara wife of Thomas Jackson was buried on 30 Mar 1611. Mary Jackson married Thomas Shilburne 28 Oct 1611; Thomasin Jackson married Thomas Hyde 29 July 1612; Elizabeth Jackson married John Ingram 22 Sep 1595. Thomas’ children were not baptised at Winslow.  If Elizabeth is “my daughter Ingram” in the will, Thomas cannot have been the son of Anthony Jackson of The Bell who is mentioned in a Chancery case (where he is said to be childless), and was probably his brother, another son of William Jackson d.1571. He only held "a new cottage on the lord's waste" according to the schedule of 1610.

Samuel Jackson was in Winslow in 1616, where his son William was buried on 30 July, but he is not mentioned in the parish registers otherwise, suggesting that he had only come to Winslow temporarily to settle his father’s affairs. He must have been very upwardly mobile to describe himself as "gentleman" when his father left so little property.