Inventory of William Jackson, 1571

Herts RO A25/710

There are three copies in different hands

The invytorye of goodes of Wyll(ia)m Jaxson of Wynslowe Deceased Taken the xiiijth Day of maye An(n)o 1571

in the hawlle
Item fyrste xxviij platters and pewter dishis
xx s
Item xij porringers
vj s
Item vij pewter potes v sassers iiij saults
viij s
Item ix candillstickes
vj s
Item a frame w(i)th a tabulle a forme a benche v stoles and a cowbbard
xx s
Item potts hangers a paynted clothe and vi Coosshins
v s
in the p(ar)ler
Item a tabull w(i)th a Frame and a forme
v s
Item a cowbbard and ij coffers
v s
in the kytchine
Item iij brasse potts v kettylls and ij pans
xx s
Item a furnis pane
v s
Item iij spites a payre of cobbards a fyer forke ii gridiarns a fryinge pane a trevit
x s
Item iiij tubes
iij s iiij d
Item a meylle and iij paylles
xx d
In the Chamber
Item iij standing bedes
x s
Item ij fether bedes
xxvj s 8 d
Item ij mattryssys
vj s viij d
Item iij bolsters & pyllowes
xx s
Item iiij pilowbers
iiij d
Item iiij Coverlytts
xx s
Item a taball and ij chests
v s
Item iij paynted Clothes ij chambers potts
iij s
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The same Chamber
Item xij payre of shettes
xl s
Item ij payre of blanckytes
x s
Item xij napkyns
iiij s
Item v towelles
v s
in a nother chamber
Item iij bedstydes a cowenter
v s
Item a mattris a quyllt a ij [sic] paynted clothes
v s
Item a stone and a haulf of thromes
ij s
Item in bordes Trestles & polles
iij li
Item in fyer wod
xx s
Item a brandiarne a payre of tongs a fyer showell
xx d
Item in haye
xij d
Item vj henes and ij cooks
ij s
Item ij dozzen of spones ij dozzen of trenchers ij Irone wedgges
ij s iiij d
Som(ma) totalys of this byll is Just
xviij li viij s iiij d

Praysed by Anthony Jaxson Anthony Wendilborowe Wyllyam Gylles Robart Bampton Gylberd Stutbere


William was probably the father of William Jackson, d. 1586, Anthony Jackson, d.1592, and Thomas Jackson, d.1615. He was buried at Winslow on 27 April 1571.

meylle = meal: a tub or bucket (OED)

cowenter: i.e. counter

thromes: probably thrums, i.e. waste wool etc.