Will of John Hogson, 1598

LMA DL/C/359/1

In the name of god Amen in the yeare of our lord god one thowsande five hundred nynetie eighte And in ye fortith yeare of the Queene maiesties Raigne and the seaven and twentithe daie of Auguste I John Hodgson of Winslowe sicke in bodie but whole in memorie thancks be to god make this my laste will & testamente in manner and forme as followeth Firste I bequeathe my Sowle to god that gave yt me to be amonge the holie Companie in heaven Alsoe I give and bequeathe my howse and all my lande in Winslowe feildes and Shipan feildes unto Annis my wief and Elizabeth my dawghter th’one halfe to Annis my wief and the other halfe to Elizabeth my dawghter and after the deathe of Annis my wief wholie to Elizabeth my dawghter and to her heires and for lacke of \her/ heires to my brother Thomas Hodgson and his heires Alsoe I give one Busshell of wheate to be baked and given to the poore And all the Reste of my goodes and Cattle moveable and unmoveable I give alsoe to Annis my wief and Elizabeth my dawghter whome I make my Executors payinge all debtes Dulie prooved as Tenn Pounde w(hi)ch I owe unto my dawghter in lawe al(ia)s Norman. Thomas Cocks & William Clarke Overseers and they to have twelve pence a peece
William Glenister William Clarke Thomas Cocks Michael Norman Thomas Hodgson wittnesses.

[Probate was granted on 25th October 1598 by Dr Edward Stanhope, vicar general in spirituals to Richard Bishop of London, on the oath of Mr John Ivatt notary public, proctor of Anne Hodgson widow and Elizabeth Hodgson daughter of the said deceased, executrixes named in the will.]


John Hogson was the son of Robert Hogson (d.1558). He married Agnes, nee Clarke, widow of Richard Norman alias Capper, d.1571. See her will and inventory. Their daughter Elizabeth was baptised in 1579 and buried in 1600. Agnes also had some children from her first marriage.

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