Inventory of William Hellynge, 1546

Herts RO A25/24

The associated will does not seem to have survived. The surname is presumably a variant of Illing. The writing is exceptionally difficult to read.

The inventarry mad the xxx viij yere of ye Rayne of o(ur) Sov(ereign) Lord kyng henri ye ight be Nycolasse Sponner S(i)r Will(ia)m Hobbs & Roberte Snowe ye pressers of ye same goods of William Hellynge of Wynslowe su(m) time dwellynge
Imprimis ix pecesse of pether the prysse
vj s iiij d
It(e)m in beddynge ij cofferlyds ij pellowsse a mattes a blanggyd a bollster iij payer of shetts a bellobere ij kherchars ij happernns ij touwels ij thabulleclotes
ix s
Item in Rayment a cotte a dobbully a payer of howsse
iiij s
Item A gown a kertell a petty cotte a red cape
x s
Item ij coffers A fosser
iij s iiij d
Item a thabbull a borde a forme a chayre ij stolls a bedsted
ij s
Item vj pantyd clothes
xij d
Item vj sters[?]
xlv s
Item iij Sakkes [?]
xij d
Item a tryfyd a payer of potthocks pothe hanggers a gredernyng
ij s
Item in Wete ij haccars & a haffe
xxv s
Item ij Accars of barllye
x s
Item iij Accars & a haffe a benns
xiij s iiij d
Item a Naccar of otts
ij s

the Admi(ni)strac(i)on of these goods was co(m)mitted during the nonage of the chyldern named yn the testa(men)t of the testator unto Harry[?] Olyvers[?] the testat [......] wythyn this life

[signed] Henricus[?] Boton[?]


The deceased was probably the William Illing of Winslow who married Mary Woodfield at Granborough in 1538.

Sir William Hobbs was the Vicar.

pether:  pewter?

kherchars: kerchers? (i.e. kerchiefs)

happernns: aprons?

sters: i.e. steers

tryfyd: i.e. trivet

haccars, naccar: acre

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