Will of William Hardewicke, yeoman, 1610/11

National Archives PROB/11/17

Memorandum, That the fower and Twentieth daie of February Anno Domini A thousand sixe hundred and tenne accordinge to the computation of the Churche of England William Hardewicke of Winslowe in the Countie of Buck yeoman beinge of perfect minde and memorie, and havinge an intent to dispose of his goods  declared his last will and testamente nuncupative in manner and forme followinge.  vizt he did forgive fortie shillinges debte which John Stutsbery owed unto him and he did give unto the poore people of Winslowe five poundes to remaine as a stocke for their benefitt  and to be imployed as the monie given by one John Burt is employed, And he did make and appoint George Nayler and Henry Walleys his executors which wordes he uttered and declared in the presence of Robert Maynewarynge Clerke John Stuttesbery and Henry Wallis witnesses hereunto

Robert Maynewaringe, Henry Wallis, John Stutsberry

[Probate at London 28 Feb 1610 on the oath of George Nayler one of the executors, to whom administration was granted with the provision of a similar commission to Henry Wallys if required.]


William Hardwicke was buried at Winslow on 25 Feb 1610/11, so his funeral must have taken place the day after his death. The will seems to be incomplete as no provision is made for the residue of the estate, so perhaps William was unable to finish declaring his wishes.

The £5 to be used for charity was paid to the churchwardens in 1612 according to Arthur Clear. John Burt's similar bequest of £5 is mentioned in Thomas Overinge's will of 1622.

nuncupative: will or testament declared orally (OED, s.v., adj. A1.)

This is written at the end of the parish register volume which finished in 1715:

M(emoran)d(um) that one William Hardwicke at the time of his death bequeathed the summe of five pounds in this manner:
That the Church Wardens yearly for the time being should see the same put forth to the best use, and the increase thereof to be distributed yearly among the poore of this parish And the sayd summe of five pounds was delivered first by the executors of the sayd William Hardwicke into the hands of the Churchwardens Henry Wendover, Richard Shelton, Richard Snow, the first day of Maye anno D(omi)ni 1612 et anno regni Regis Jacobi Anglie decimo

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