Will of Thomas Overing, 1622 (proved 1623)

Herts RO 8AR123

In the name of God amen The sixt(h) day of September in the twenti(e)th yeare of the raigne of our Soveraigne Lord James [1622] by the Grace of god of England France and Ireland king Defender of the Faith &c And of Scotland the Fiftie six I Thomas Overing of Winslow in the Countie of Bucks being sicke of body but whole of in mind thanks be given unto Allmightie god Doe sett that small porcon of worldly goods in order w(hi)ch he hath lent me And doe make this my last will and Testament in man(e)r and Forme followeing that is to say Inprimis I trust my Soule shall rest with God, the Father in heaven my maker and with Jesus Christe his deare sonn my Redeemer by whose precius death and blood shedding I trust to be saved and by noe other meanes. And my bodie to the Earth. It(e)m I give to the mother Church of S(ai)nt Albans twelve pence. Item I give to the Church of Winslow tenn shillings where I live ten shillings Item I give to the poore of the p(ar)ish of Winslow to be divided and bestowed upon them at my burial xx s w(hi)ch my Executors or some other w(hi)ch that they shall appointe to doe it. It(e)m I doe give to the ringers that doe ring at my knell and buriall vj s(?) to drinke. It(e)m I give to my kinsman Thomas Tomline who was my servant tenn shillings. It(e)m I give to Thomas Overing sometime my Servante tenn shillings It(e)m I give to my kinswoman Agnes Stutsberie and sometime my servant xx s. It(e)m I give to Jane Willgoose now my servant and kinswoman iiij li It(e)m I give to Elizabeth Poole my God daughter v s Item I give to Edward Stutsberie my kinsman xl s It(e)m my will is that all the greatest somes above named shall be paid by my Executors within one yeare next after my decease And the small somes to be paid as they shall thinke fitt by the need of them that should have them It(e)m I give to the said Edward Stutsberie my Coffer in the Chamber whereas I lye And all the wrightings in the same and the ioyned bedested over the hall, the table hall table in the hall with forme frame, bench, and stooles belonging to it And all my shop tooles And liquor pann lasts and shelves in the Shopp Item I owe Walter Gooring my brother in law w(hi)ch I borrowed of my sister his wife foure pounds w(hi)ch my Executors shall pay them within halfe a yeare after my decease It(e)m I stand charged as a Feeffee appointed by John Burt who did dwell in this p(ar)ish with five pounds w(hi)ch he gave to the poore of the p(ar)ish to remaine to them as a stocke so long as the world doth endure And to be lett forth for the best use for them that the profitt thereof may be distributed among them everie New yeares day after Evening praier by the Churchwardens and one of my Executors or Overseers of this my will And them or some of them to distribute the profitt thereof being x s to the said poore of the said p(ar)ish the next New Yeares day after my decease whensoever it shall happen. And the said five pounds being in my hands my will is that when my Executors doe pay the same to the Churchwardens or if they doe keepe it themselves to give Securitie for the same And that one of them everie yeare the next Sabbath day before New years Day doe declare it att morening praeis In whose hands the said money doth remaine And I Could wish that the Vicar or minister there everie year for the time being would sett downe in the Church booke in whose hands the said money doth remaine that both the stocke and the proffitt thereof may remaine forever and be bestowed according to the good intent and meaning of him that gave it It(e)m I doe request Mr Peter Fyge the elder to be A guide unto my poore wife that she be not wronged of that w(hi)ch I allowe her for her maintenance and I give him ii s vj d for his paines Item I doe request Mr Henry Wendover and William Spooner and good Neighbours to be Overseers of this my will and I give each of them ij s vj d for theire paines. The residue of All my goods moveables and unmoveables Cattells Chattells Debts oweing under my leggicies and Debts herein specified and my funerall discharged And this my will p(er)formed I give unto Margarett Overing my wife and Nicholas Overing the elder my kinsman And I make them my whole Executors of this my last will revoking All other wills hereto fore made by mee In witness hereof I have hereunto sette my hand and marke the day and yeare first above written 1622

the m(ar)ke of Tho(ma)s Ov(er)ing

witness to this William Polle Robert Shelton The m(ar)ke of Jeremie Gilbert

[Probate at St Albans 26 Feb 1622/3 to Nicholas Overing one of the executors and Margaret Overing the other executor]

Inventory of Thomas Overing, 1622

Herts RO A25/2748

[The figures are in Roman numerals in the original inventory]

The true and perfect Invi(n)tory of all and singuler the goodes debts and chattells of Thomas Overing late deceased of Winslow in the county of Bucks deseased made and praised the xvj day of December 1622

In pri(mi)s in the hall on(e) table with frame forme and two stooles
Ite(m) on(e) Cupbord A rownd table & two chaiers
Ite(m) A paire of Andyrons fire tonges And other thinges  belonging to ye fire
Ite(m) two brass pottes w(i)th kettels and pannes
Ite(m) five platters & some other pewter
Ite(m) two tubbes with other cowpery ware
Ite(m) on(e) bedsted & old fetherbed A bolster
Ite(m) An other bedsted
Ite(m) the lynnen being very old
Ite(m) A cheese racke & three shilves & ij botteles
Ite(m) a spitt  A sawe & other yron tooles
Ite(m) A bushell A winnow cloth & ij sakes
Ite(m) two ladders And A fanne
Ite(m) Wheat And barley in the barne
Ite(m) beanes and hay
Ite(m) foure Keme(?)
Ite(m) the Inner mounds w(i)th hurdles planks overlayers
Ite(m) the wheat sowed on the ground
Ite(m) his owne Apparell
Ite(m) his shoop tooles

Praised by
Peter Fyge
Henry Wendover
William Spo(o)ner
Will(ia)m Lowndes

[Presented by Nicholas Overing one executor 26 Feb 1622]


Thomas Overing married Margaret, daughter of Edward Stutsburie, on 1 Sep 1586. He is listed in the 1610 schedule as holding a messuage, 20½ acres of land and a cottage. He was buried on 15 Dec 1622, and Margaret was buried on 7 March 1623/4. Helen Overinge married Walter Goringe on 28 April 1591.

Keme: kine?

mound: A hedge, a fence, esp. as forming a boundary to a field or garden (OED, s.v. mound, n.2, 1a).

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