Will of Thomas Graunt alias Miller of Shipton, yeoman, 1635/6

Herts RO 77AW9

In the name of god, Amen.  The first day of Febuarie, anno D(omi)ni 1635
I Thomas Graunt al(ias) Miller of Shipton in the county of Bucks yeoman,
being weake in bodie, but in p(er)fect memorie, god be praysed for it, do make this
my last will and testament in maner and forme following.  First I bequeth my
Soule unto Allmightie god, who created me, and redeemed me by his sone Jesus Christ
by his sone Jesus whose merites onely I trust to obtaine remission of my sinnes,
and consequently eternall life in the kingdome of heaven. And my Body to be de-
cently buried in the Church-yarde of Winslow.  Concerning they worldly
goods as god hath lent me, first I give to the poore of the p(ar)ishe of Winslow four
pownds to be distributed among them at my funerall.  Item I give unto my servant
John Judge fortie shillings.  And to my servant Joan Chapman twentie shillings
and a blacke tegge.  I give to all my god children that be any kinne to me five shillings
apeece, and to my other god children two shillings apeece, and to Robert Gardener
sone of Richard Gardener one shilling.  Item I give unto Thomas Chaundler
of Winslow twentie shillings.  Item I give unto Thomas Graunt al(ia)s Miller
sone of my brother Walter these things following: that is to say, one ioyned bedsteed
a great presse, a cubboard, a table with frame & benches, a salting trough, a furnace,
a cisterne of stone, one wooll bedd, one coverlet, a pair of blanketts, two pairs of sheets,
one pillow beere, one long cart w(i)th a paire of shod wheeles, and a dung cart with a
paire of wheeles.  Item I give unto him further the summe of five pounds to be payd
unto my Overseers for his use within three moonthes after my decease, and forty shillings
yearly to be paide in like maner during the tearme of six yeares.  Also I give unto
him the sayd Thomas one brasse pott, and a dough kiver.  The rest of my houshold
stuffe I give unto Martha my wife, with the powltrie about the house and three kine
of the better sort, and two stocks of bees.  Ite(m) I give unto my wives daughter being
the wife of Thomas Gregorie a peece of two and twentie shillings.  Also I give to
my servant Isabell Roberts five shillings.  Ite(m) my will is that all such p(ro)fitts and
summes of money as shall be raised out of my landes and leases before the heires are to
enter upon them (my wife first having fifteen pownds payd hir) shall be equallie
divided among all the daughters of my two brothers William and Walter Miller,
everie ones portion to be payde them as they come to the age of one & twentie yeeres.
And if any of them shall happen to die before she come to the sayd age, then hir portion
to remaine equally to the rest of the survivers.  The rest of my goods unbequethed,
my debts and legacies being discharged, I give unto my brother William Grant
al(ia)s Miller, whom I ordaine to be sole Executour, and my loving friends John Snow
and John Shelton to be Overseers, that this my will & testament may be p(er)formed,
And to either of them I give twenty shillings apeece for their paines.  In witnesse
Whereof I have hereunto sett my hand & seale the day & yeere first above written.

Thomas Grant al(ia)s Miller
his marke

These being witnesses
[signed] Robt Maynwairing
[mark] John Snow

[Probate 5 March 1635/6 at St Albans to William Grant alias Miller, executor]

Inventory of Thomas Graunt alias Miller, 1635/6

Herts RO A25/3321

A true and p[er]fect Inventorie of the goods and chattells of Thomas Grant al(ia)s Miller late of Shipton in the County
of Bucks yeoman, made the xiith day of Februarie 1635 by us whose names are under written

Inprimis in the hall one table with frame, a forme and benches
xiij s iiij d
Item one cubboard
x s
Item fowr ioyned stooles, and three chaires
viij s
Item a pair of andirons, a pot-hanger, a gridiron, tongs, fire shovell and bellowes
vj s
Item in the chamber a little table, and an ould bedsteed
vij s
Item over the hall two bedsteeds and a presse
xx s
Item in an other chamber one ioyned bedsteed w(i)th curtains to it
xxx s
Item one chest and three small coffers
xiij s iiij d
Item fowr wooll-bedds, three coverletts, and viij blanketts
v li
Item two fether bolsters, three woll bolsters, and six fether pillows
iij li
Item six cushions
iiij s
Item two cheese racks with some shilfes
vj s viij d
Item butter & cheese
xxx s
Item five flitches of bacon
iij li vj s viij d
Item ten paires of sheets, two table clothes, four paires of pillow beeres, and a dozen of table napkins
iiij li xiij s iiij d
Item in the kitchen one furnace, three brass potts, six kettles and two skelletts
iiij li
Item two spitts, three pot hangers, and a pair of pott hooks
vj s
Item a dozen of pewter, two dozen of spoones, and a warming pan
xl s
Item five tubbes, vij barrells, a salting trough with some other cowpeirie ware
l s
Item sithes and oulde yron
x s
Item wheat, barly and oats in the barnes
l li
Item hey and beanes
xxij li
Item carts, wheeles, and plowes
viij li xiij s iiij d
Item harrowes and hurdles
xxx s
Item xij kine and bullocks
xxiiij li
Item horses and colts
xix li
Item one sow and two stores
xxvj s viij d
Item wheat on the grownd, with the barly tilth and beanland
xl li
Item one hundred fortie and fowr sheepe
l li
Item a cisterne of stone
xx s
Item wood, timber, and sheep racks
l s
Item horse harneis and Cart ropes
xxx s
Item ii fannes, winow sheete, a beeir lip, and a hair cloath
xx s
Item a drawght rake with other harvest tooles
iiij s
Item three ladders
x s
Item two stocks of bees and the poultrie
xxv s
Item his own wearing apparrell
vj li xiij s iiij d
Su(m)ma totalis huius Inventarii
cclxiij li xvj s viij d

[Presented by William Grante alias Miller executor on 5 March 1635]


Thomas Graunt alias Miller was buried at Winslow on 9 Feb 1635/6. His brothers were both married to members of the Lowndes family. They were the sons of John Miller alias Graunt, d.1589. The nephew Thomas who was the main beneficiary was baptised 2 May 1607. Before his death, Thomas surrendered all his land (see 1636 manor court): 5 acres in Winslow to his nephew John Miller, and a messuage and 2 virgates in Shipton and 16 acres in Winslow to his nephew Thomas.

under written: the names were omitted

beeir lip = bearleap: a carrying basket (OED)

Will of Martha Miller, 1641

Herts RO 83AW10

1641.  August the 20 daye
Martha Miller my last will and testament is furst I bequethe my soulle to god my macker and Jesus Christ my Saviour      - Elsebeth Gregory exector and my body to be decently Buryed
I give to the poore of this parish twenty shillings to be givene in Bread
I give to all my god Chyldearn onn shelling A peace
I give to my Brother Thomas on shilling
I give to his sonne William twenty shillings
I give to his daughter Annes ten shilling and a peare of sheates
I give to his sonn John ten shilling and 4 Cheses
I give to his sonn Thomas ten shilling and 4 Cheses
I give to his daughter Jane ten shilling and on platter
I give to my Brother John sonn fourty shilling
I give to my Brother Chester three poundes to be payde him ten shilling a yeare and I give him a gerking
I give to my Brother Edward on Bushell of wheat sixe Cheses and on Bushell of mault and all the Butter that is left
I give to his daughter Matthew five poundes to be putt out for the Best for the Child and to the Rest of his Childeren ten shillings a peace
I give to my Sister [.]iaces[?] my new long go\u/nde Coat and my Best pettecoat and my stufe goune and to hur Chillderen ten shilling a peace
I give to Thomas Garnear twenty shilling
I give to Robert Garner twenty shilling
I give to John Judges Child my god Sonn five shilleng
I give to John Judg on Bushell of mault and to his wiffe the best kettell           

 Inventory of Martha Miller, widow, of Shipton, 1641      

Herts RO A25/3495

An Inventory of all the goods and Chattell of Martha Miller \Widdowe/ of Shipton in the p(ar)ishe of Winslowe lately deceased taken the seventeenth day of September anno dom(ini) 1641 by William Norman and Thomas Glenester

Inprimis foure bease and two bullocks valued at
xj li x s
Item one hogge valued at
xx s
Item wheat and Barly valued at
x li
Item pease and haye valued at
ix li
Item sixe payre of sheets and a sheete valued at
xxxx s
Item sixe cooseons
ij s
Item halfe a dozen of napkins valued at
ij s
Item foure pillowe beers and three drawers valued at
iij s
Item foure board Cloths valued at
vij s
Item foure boulsters valued at
xx s
Item five pillowes valued at
vij s
Item three Coverlidds valued at
xij s
item sixe blankets valued at
xv s
Item \a/ payre of Curtayns and Curtayne Rods
v s
Item one feather bed valued at
xx s
Item two wooll beds valued at
v s
item two bedsteeds and a trundle bed valued at
xiij s iiij d
Item one Chest and three Cofers valued at \and a boxe valued at/
xj s
Item one table and frame and three stooles valued at
v s iiij d
Item three Chayres valued at
ij s v jd
Item one forme valued at
xviij d
Item five barrells foure tubs and other treene ware
xxij s
item five bottles
ij s vj d
Item two wheels and a fann
iiij s vj d
Item two bushells of mault valued at
v s vj d
Item brasse valued at
xxx s vj d
item pewter valued at
xx s
Item one winnowe sheete and says and a kill hayre
x s
Item two frying pans two spits and a payre of cobirons
iiij s vj d
Item a peece of newe cloth and ix pound of flaxen yarne
xxiiij s
Item Cheese and a pot of butter and a peece of bacon
xxix s
Item two ladders and fire wood and forks
v s x d
Item money owing by Thomas Miller to the said Martha
v li
Item money owing by Edward Kimnerton[?]
viij li x s
Item money owing by Thomas Shilborne
xxx s
Item her waring apparrell valued at
vj li vj s viij d

[Latin:] Presented 13 Oct 1641 by Elizabeth Gregorie widow natural daughter & executrix


Martha Miller, widow, was buried on 24 Aug 1641. Elizabeth Gregory was her daughter from a previous marriage. Martha was evidently not from Winslow, and her original surname and her surname from her first marriage have not been established.

Matthew: sic; mistake for Martha?

says: unidentified


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