Will of John Gordon, traveller, 1893

Oxford Probate Registry

BE IT KNOWN that at the date hereunder written the last Will and Testament of John Gordon late of “The Plough” Inn, Winslow, in the County of Buckingham, deceased, who died on the 4th  day of December 1893 at Winslow aforesaid, and who at the time of his death had a fixed place of abode at Winslow aforesaid, within the District of the Counties of Oxford, Berks and Buckingham, was proved and registered at the District  Probate Registry of Her Majesty’s High Court of Justice at Oxford and that the Administration of the personal estate of the said deceased was granted by the aforesaid Court to  Thomas Cripps of “The Plough” Inn, of Winslow aforesaid, Bricklayer and Innkeeper, the sole Executor named in the said Will he having been first sworn well and faithfully to administer the same.
Dated the 19th day of December 1893
Gross value of Personal Estate £419.19.11
Net value      “        “             “      £410.1.5
Extracted by Willis and Willis, Solicitors, Winslow

This is the last Will and Testament of me John Gordon late a Travel(l)er of The Plough Inn, Winslow Buckinghamshire made this day the 30th of November 1893 as follows I give and bequeath to Thomas Cripps Bricklayer & Landlord  of said The Plough In(n) and to his Wife Elasabeth Ann Cripps in equal shares All and everything my real and personal estate whatsoever and wheresoever situate & of whatever value the same may be at the time of my death for their sole use and benefit  And I appoint the said Thomas Cripps the sole Executor of this my Will In Witness whereof I the said John Gordon have hereto set my hand the day and year above written
John Gordon [signature]
Signed by the said Testator as his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence & in the presence of each other have put our names as Witnesses
James East [signature]
Austin Watson [signature]           November 30th 1893

Proved at Oxford, the Nineteenth day of December 1893, by the Oath of Thomas Cripps, the sole Executor, to whom Administration was granted.
The Testator John Gordon was late of “The Plough” Inn, Winslow, in the County of Buckingham, and died on the Fourth day of December 1893, at Winslow aforesaid.
Gross value of Personal Estate £419.19.11
Net value      “        “             “    £410.1.5

Willis and Willis, Solicitors, Winslow
it is hereby certified that the foregoing is a correct copy.
Dated this Twentieth eight day of December 1893

John Gordon was aged 63 when he died. He only seems to have arrived in Winslow after the 1891 Census. He was surprisingly well off.

Buckingham Advertiser, 16 Dec 1893
  A Roman Catholic funeral, that of John Gordon, took place in Winslow churchyard last week.  The first in modern times.
  Gordon had left Ireland some 40 years, and as far as he knew, had no friends.  In consequence, we understand he has left a good sum of money to the landlord of the “Plough,” where he lodged.

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