Will of Richard Glenister, 1658 (proved 1661)

Herts RO 97AW15

In the name of God Amen I Richard Glenister
of Shipton of the parish of Winslow being sick in
body but of a sound  memory do here make my last will &
Testament First I bequeath my soule into the hands of
Almighty God & my lord & saviour Jesus Christ & my
body to be decently buried in the churchyard of Winslow
And as for my temporall goods first I bequeath to
my Sonne Francis Glenister one Join bed standing
behind the chimney & twelve pound in mony And as for the
rest of my goods I bequeath them to Isabel my
wife & William Glenister my Sonne to be equally
divided between them twaine & that this is my
last will & testament I have hereunto set my
hand & seale the seventeenth day of October

[Latin, 2nd hand] p(er) via(m) (ab) intestat(o) defunct’ unacu(m) testa(men)to annexo

[Latin, 1st hand] probatum fuit huiusmodi testamentum Richardi Glenister nuper de Shipton parochie de Winslow in Com' Bucks Archidiaconatus Sancti Albani London diocesis tertio die mensis maij 1661 coram magistro Abrahamo Spencer in Artibus magistro surrogato Thome Goad legum doctoris commissaque fuit Administratio Guilielmo Glenister uni executori salva potestate

[2nd hand] omnia &c &c unacum Guilielmo Glenister &c faciend'
obligantur Guilielmus Glenister et [blank] in [blank] libris

The mark of Richard Glenister

Sealed & delivered
in the presence of
Richard Shelton
the mark of Thomas Deely
& William  Patadyne
  his marke

Inventory of Richard Glenister, yeoman, 1658

A true and perfect Inventory taken the first day of November 1658 of the goods and chattells which Late weare the goods and chattells of Richard Glenister of Shipton in the p(ar)ish of Winslow in the County of Bucks yeoman deceased and appraised by us whose names are under written

Inprimis his wearing Apparell
Item in the hall three ioyned stooles one tubbe one table one frame and forme one chaire one settle two payre of handirons gr[.....] one fire shovel and tongs one spitt one payre of bellowes one fire gard two hangers, one frying pann one [... ....] one trevett[?] [...] seaven peeces of pewter two brase potts one posnet three kettles and one warming pann
Item in the parler one table and frame one Ioned bed one trundle bed one cubbard one press one feather bed one flockbed one feather bolster one flockbolster two pillows one coverlett fowre blanketts one payre of curtaines and valliants and curtaine rodds
Item in the chamber over the Parlor one ioned bedd one flockbed one bolster one Coverlett one blankett one chair six payres of sheets six napkins and one b[....] cloth?
Item in the Chamber over the hall one cheese rack one frame with a payre of sacb[....] & other Lumber
Item in the cheese chamber two hangeing shelves & twenty small cheeses
Item in the buttery three barrells one cherne three tubbs three bucketts one kneedinge civer one saltinge troff with boles & lunges[?]
Item three Cowes
Item two stool hoggs
Item in the yard one stack of timber & one horse troff with some firewood
Item in the barne wheat barly beans & hay one hovell one garner one Fatt and foure extrees
Item in the Gardaine foure hives of bees

Thomas Curtis - his mark
John Hogson
Richard Shelton
John Henly
Thomas Godwin

[Presented 3 May 1661 by William Glenister]

Administration bond

[Latin, summarised] William Glenister of Shipton and Edward Fooke of St Albans, gent., are bound to Mark Franck of the Savoy in the Strand, London, archdeacon of St Albans, for £80. Dated 16 June 1661.

The condicon of this obligacon is such That whereas the Ad(ministra)tion of all & singular the
goods debts chattels Rights & Creditts of Richard Glenister late of Shipton in
the p(ar)ish of Winslow in the County of Bucks within the Archdeaconrie of St Albans
aforesaid diceased by waye of intestate is com(m)itt(e)d & granted to the above bounden
Willia(m) Glenister the naturall & lawfull sonne of the saide deceased together with <the>
last will & testament of the saide Richard Glenister thereto annexed or thereover
sup(ersub)scribed. If therefoor the saide Willia(m) Glenister doth & shall well & truly
administre of & in the goods debts & chattells of the said deceased (that is to
saie) pay or cause to be payde the true and lawfull debts of the said deceased
and likewise the legacies conteyned in the saide last will and testament of the saide
deceased. Thereby bequeathed for faver forth as the saide goodes debts & chattells
of the saide deceased will extend & the law chardge him. And likewise exhibite
into ye Registrie for the Archdeaconrie of St Albans a true and p(er)fect inventory
off all & singular the goods debts chattels Rights & Creditts of the saide deceased
And allsoe give a truthfull Accounte upon his saide Administracon when as hee
shall be thereunto lawfully required by the Authority of the aboves(ai)d Archdeacon
or any other Judge competent in that behalfe. And such p(ar)te & porcon of the saide
goods debts & chattells as shall be found to remayne in his hands upon his said
Account for made & allowed hee doth & shall distribute & pay in such man(n)er
Or sorte to such p(er)son & p(er)sons use & uses as by the said Mark Franck or any
other judge competent in that behalf shall bee assigned that then this
obligacon to be voyde or else to stand in full force & vertue


The will was proved as normal and then someone noticed that no executor had been appointed, so the procedure for intestacy was followed instead, but the bequests were allowed to stand.

Richard Glenister was buried on 23 Oct 1658, followed by his widow Isabel on 28 Feb 1658/9. He was the son of Robert Glenister, d. 1619. He married (both at Winslow) (1) Alice Norman, 23 Oct 1626 (bur 22 Jan 1635/6), (2) Isabel Doggett, 19 Oct 1637.



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