Will of Robert Glenister of Shipton, yeoman, 1619

Herts RO 60AW7

In the name of god, amen.  The xvith day of September. 1619.  I Robert Glenister of Shipton in the County of Bucks yeoman, being sicke in body, but in good & perfect memorie (god be praysed) do make this my last will & testament in maner & forme following.  First I bequeath my soule unto Allmightie god, who hath created me, & redeemed me by his Sone Jesus Christ, by whose merits onely I trust to be saved, and my body to be decently buried in the Churchyard of Winslow.  Concerning my worldly goods, I give unto my sone Richard Glenister my best ioyned bedsteed, and to my sone Robert Glenister one coffer, after the decease of their mother.  Also I give unto my fowr daughters Agnes, Joan, Elizabeth & Alice, twenty pownds a peece, to be payed each one of them, ether at the day of their mariage, or at the age of one & twenty years, whether shall happen soonest.  And if any of them shall happen to dye before she receave hir portion, then my will is that the same shall remayne equally to the other sisters.  Also I give unto the poore of the parish of Winslow ten shillings to be divided amongst them in bread at my funerall.  The rest of my goods unbequeathed I leave unto Alice my wife, whom I make my sole executrix, and my brother William Glenister, and my loving frend Robert Maynwaring Clerk, my overseers, to see this my last will & testament performed, and to either of them I give two shillings for their paines.  In witness whereof I have hereunto set my hand & seale the day and yeare first above written.

Robert Glenister his mark

[signed] Robert Maynwaring
[signed] William Glenister

Inventory of Robert Glenister, husbandman, 1619

Herts RO A25/2638

The True and perfett Inventary of all and singuler the goodes debts and Cattells of Robert Glenister late of Shipton in the parish of Wynslo in the Cownty of Buck husbandman deceased made and praysed the Eleventh daye of October 1619 by Henry Wendover John Graunt alias Myller William Glenister and Robert Playsteed

In the Hall
In Primis a Table with a frame a forme a Chayer and two stooles
viij s
Item the Brasse and Pewter
xxx s
Item pot hookes pot hangers and irons a bowl the five
v s
In the Chamber
Item a ioyned Bedstede a Cupbourd a Presse and fyve Cofers
xliij s iiij d
Item a Fetherbed a flockebed two Bolsters thre pillowes a Coverlet and a Blancket
xliij s iiij d
Item Twelve payre of Sheetes six pillowberes thre Tableclothes and a dosen of napkyns
iii li x s
In the Lofte
Item a ioyned Bedstede two truckle beddes thre flock beddes thre Coverletts thre Blancketts two Cofers and thre Bolsters
xl s
Item in a garner in the lofte the wheate malt and Pease
liij s iiij d
Item a flitche of Bacon, certayne Cheese Sackes and other Lumber
xx s
In the kitchen and Mylkehouse
Item a Bultinge hutche, Tubbes, Barrells Cheese presse and other treen ware
xx s
Item a Quarne a saltinge troughe and other Lumber
xx s    
In the yarde
Item Two longe Cartes two dunge Carts fowr payer of wheeles a ploughe two payer of harrowes with Cart and ploughe furniture
v li
Item two hovells with the wood, and hurdells and other Lumber
xlvj s viij d
Item wheate Barley and Beanes in the yarde and Barne hay, straw, and maslyn
xl li
Item bourdes and Planckes
x s
Item wheate sowed and Tylth
iiij li x s
Item fyve horses, a Colte and horse harnys
x li
Item Eight Beasts and Bullockes 
xv li
Item Ten hogges and Steares 
iiij li
Item his Apparell
liij s iiij d
Summa totalis              
C li xxxiij s

[Latin] Exhibitum fuit huiusmodi Inventarium per Aliciam Glenister viduam relictam et Executricem vicesimo nono die Octobris pro vero pleno et integro Omnium &c sub protestacione de addendo si &c
                                                                                                   [signed] Thomas Rokitt

[translation] This inventory was presented by Alice Glenister, widow and executrix, on 29 October as a true, full and entire (record) of everything, etc., on condition of adding if, etc.


Robert only held a messuage and 1 acre of land according to the schedule of 1610. He must have inherited the holding of William Glenister (d.1611). He was probably the Robert Glenister baptised on 2 Aug 1564. His first child baptised at Winslow was Ann/Agnes (1599).

garner: a storehouse for corn, granary (OED)

Tylth: crop, harvest (OED s.v. tilth 3)

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Will of Robert Glenister

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