Will of John Everesdone, 1438

Herts RO 1AR31

[translated from Latin]

In God's etc. I John Everesdone, of healthy memory, on St Dionysius' Day [9 Oct] AD 1438 make my will in this way. First I bequeath my soul to God etc. and my body to be buried in the graveyard of St Laurence of Wynselowe.  Item I bequeath to the high cross 6d. Item to the blessed Mary 6d. Item to the light of the St Laurence 4d. Item for the 4 altars 8d. Item to each of my godchildren 2d. Item for the use of the church 6s 8d. Item to the friars of Alesbyre 3s 4d. Item to Agn(es) Cotu(n?) 4d. Item to John Broun 4d. Item to the clerk 2d. Item to Agnes my sister 1 bushel of malt. Item to Alice Jenkyn 2 bushels of malt. Item to the vicar 6d. The residue of my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to John Davy, William Everesdone & Matilda my wife <and I appoint them> to be my executors so that they may dispose for my soul etc.


The Court Books for 1439 (WMCB pp.595-6) record that John Everesdon made a deathbed surrender of 8.5 acres of land (1 acre in Winslow fields, the rest in Shipton) to his wife Matilda. He surrendered another 2.5 acres to Matilda and their daughter Alice (later wife of Robert Jay d.1484). His death was recorded in 1440 (p.599), when Alice, of full age, inherited a messuage and virgate and another 2/3 of a virgate.





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