Inventory of George Elyott, shoemaker, 1580

Herts RO A25/975

The true and p(er)fyt Inventary of all and singler the goods debts and Cattells of George Elyott late of Wynslo in the Countye of Bucks shoemaker deceased made and praysed the xxixth of December Anno d(omi)ni 1580 By Mychaell Wyndov(er) William Gyles Walter Hawkyns and Edward Stuttesburye

In Primis shoes of all assises one with an other
iij li
Item seaven hydes of leather
xxxv s
Item the shoppe geare
xxv s
Item a mare colt of a yeare and the vantage
x s
Item all his apparell
xxx s
Item a little brasse pott and an old panne
vj s
Item a trevet and an axe
viij d
Item Tallowe
xij s
Item debts
xxxvij s vj d
Item desperate debts
iij li v s
Item Will(ia)m Webster owethe
xx s
Item a shepe
viij d
Item a sword and dagger
v s
Sume Totall
xv li vj s x d

Presented by Thomas Eliot administrator last day of Dec 1580


George Elyott's burial is not recorded at Winslow, but the records for 1580 seem to be incomplete.

The accounts of Thomas Ellyott, George's administrator, were presented in 1597, 17 years after the death.

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