Subsidy, March 1625

National Archives, E179/79/278

The Subsidy was the main form of parliamentary taxation, and was paid by the wealthiest on the basis of the annual value of their land if it was £1 or more, or on goods worth £3. The commissoners for Bucks were Thomas Denton, Edward Tyrrell and John Hampden. The Subsidy recorded here was paid at the normal rate of 4s in the pound. The first figure is the assessment and the second is what they had to pay. The original, which covers all the Cottesloe Hundreds (collected by William Duncombe of Ivinghoe), uses Roman numerals. See also Subsidy 1594, Subsidy 1628.

The names marked * had "Cert" written against them in another hand.

Winslow cum Shipton
*Edward Adkins land 40s 8s
*John Paxon land 40s 8s
Thomas Hogston land 20s 4s
*William Winmell land 20s 4s
Robert Benbowe land 20s 4s
Walter Grant land 20s 4s
William Cale land 40s 10s
Richard Shelton goods £3 8s
John Grant alias Miller land 20s 4s
George Elliott goods £3 8s
Peter Figge gent land 40s 8s
Hughe Seaton land 30s 6s
*Thomas Steevens land £3 12s
Elizabeth Wendover widow land 30s 6s
Thomas Grant alias Miller goods £3 8s
William Edmunds land 50s 10s
William Sponer goods £3 8s
William Glenister land 20s 4s
Richard Snowe goods £3 8s
£6 12s
Little Horwood
Oliver Stiles gent land £5 £1
*John Grange land £3 12s
John Curtis land 30s 6s
Thomas Illyng land 30s 6s
Arthur Smyth land 20s 4s
Richard Cooper land 40s 8s
George Williatt goods £4 10s 8d
£3 6s 8d