Subsidy, 7 October 1594

National Archives, E179/79/217

The Subsidy was the main form of parliamentary taxation, and was paid by the wealthiest on the basis of the annual value of their land or goods over a certain minimum. The Subsidy recorded here was paid at the normal rate of 4s in the pound on land worth over £1 per year and 2s 8d in the pound on goods worth over £3. The original, which covers all the Cottesloe Hundreds, is in Latin and uses Roman numerals. It is the record of the second collection of three Subsidies. See also Subsidy 1625, Subsidy 1628.

Winslowe cum Shipton
Richard Edmonds land 40s 8s
John Shelton land 20s 4s
Phillipp Favour land 20s 4s
John Jackson land 20s 4s
William Tomlin land 20s 4s
Bernard Hogg goods £3 8s
William Spowner goods £3 8s
Thomas Overinge goods £3 8s
Thomas Bowden goods £4 10s 8d
Katherine[?] Snowe goods £3 8s
Thomas Deverill goods £3 8s
Robert [E]liatt   goods £3 8s
William Glenister goods £3 8s
Peter Fidge land £3 8s [sic]
Thomas Grant goods £7 18s 8d
Robert Lownds goods £6 16s
£6 17s 4d [sic]
Horwood Parva
Leonard Pygott gent land £15 £3
Robert Pygott gent goods £6 16s
William Hobbes goods £3 8s
John Williatt goods £4 10s 8d
John Cowper goods £6 16s
John Illinge goods £4 10s 8d
£6 16s