Royal Bucks Militia: men discharged 1799 and 1807

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Recruitment to the Bucks Militia was by a system of ballots, but most of the men selected paid a substitute to serve in their place. During the wars against Revolutionary France, members of the Militia could volunteer to serve in the regular army, meaning that they were discharged from the Militia. These are the references to men from Winslow who received (or whose substitutes received) such a discharge.

24 July 1799

24 May to 24 Nov 1799

23 Aug 1807

Other information about Winslow and the Militia (1794-1810)

Centre for Bucks Studies, L/P/1

John Kingston, substitute for Thomas Harris, Winslow, discharged 15 Dec 1794

Subdivision meetings for Cottesloe Hundred to be held at The Bell (instead of The Cock, Wing, as usual)

List of deserters includes:
Samuel Street, substitute for Robert Luckett, Winslow

List of vacancies, 10 Nov:
William Eden, principal, Winslow, deserted. Substitute found.
Samuel Street, substitute for Robert Luckett, Winslow, deserted.

Lancelot Wyatt subdivision clerk for Cottesloe Hundred

List of private men serving in Royal Bucks or Kings Own Militia includes:
Edward Smith, Winslow, expires 4 March 1808

Return of vacancies by volunteering into ye line, 26 Aug:
William Turner, serving for James Todd, Winslow
John Wright, serving for Joseph King, Winslow
Thomas Bavington, serving for Charles Willis, Winslow

Vacancies by casuals, 30 June
Thomas Whitchurch, serving for David Morgan, died 18 Oct 1809.  Recruit: Francis Perees[?]

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