Hearth Tax, 1670-73

National Archives, E179/80/362

The Hearth Tax was the main fiscal innovation of Charles II's government. The lists below are of people who fell below the property threshold and didn't have to pay. 80 different householders are recorded, mainly the sort of people who don't turn up in wills, property transactions, etc. We have now found a list from 1662 or 63 of people who did pay..

[printed pro forma]  Wee the Minister of the Parish of Winslowe in the Countie of Bucks and the Church wardens and Overseers of the poor of the said Parish doe hereby Certifie unto his Majesties Justices of the Peace for the said Countie That we doe believe That the respective Houses wherein the persons hereunder named doe Inhabit are not of greater value than twenty shillings per annum upon the full Improved rent, And that neither the Person so inhabiting, not any other using the same Messuages hath, useth, or Occupieth any Lands or Tenements of their own or others of the yearly vallue of Twenty shillings per annum, Nor that any Lands, Tenements, Goods or Chattels of the vallue of Ten pounds in their own Possession, or in the Possession of any other in trust for them.  And that the said houses have not above two Chimneys, Fire-hearthes and Stoves in them respectively.  Witness our hands this 4th day of September An: Dni: 1670

[signed] Samuel Dix vicar
John Godwyn, Thomas Smalbones, Charls Bowler churchwardens
Robert Scot, Silvester Claver overseers

[col.1] Philip Bayly, Widdowe Shelton Jr, Thomas Prentice, Widdowe Green, Widdow Burrell, John Coleman, Thomas Bendbowe jr, Widdowe Shelton senr, Widdowe Thomms, Richard Reddall, Thomas Bigges, Henry Thommes, William Easte, Thomas Bett, Nicholas Miller jr, Edward Elmer, Ralph Porter jr, William Starmer, Richard Aston jr, Widdowe Hogson, Widdowe Norman, Henry Tymmes, Widdow Smyth, Thomas Hawkins, Mary Dingle, Thomas Branford, Margaret Allen, William Paradine

[col.2] Christopher Willins, Widdow Tooly, Thomas Pease, William Lovet, Widdow Dandridge, Thomas Thoms, Ralph Noone, Samuell Miller, Widdow Worstly, William Hodgekins, Anne Paradine, William Worstly, Widdow Moores, Widdow Franklin, Will: Cleydon, Nicholas Miller [sen], Frances Fell, Thomas Udden, Ralph Porter senr, Anne Prentice, George Shaw, Edward Reddall, Thomas White, Widdow Bendbowe, Thomas Bendbowe senr, Widdowe King, Widdowe Allen

[col.3] William Brown, Widdow Budde, Thomas Yorrall [?=Worrall], William Eliot, Richard Deering, Widdow Hughes, Widdowe Holt, William Powers, Evan Griffiths

We Allow of this Certificate containing sixty fowre names
[signed] Tho: Stafford, Bernard Turney

17th July 1671 [pro forma repeated]

[signed] Samuel Dix vicar
John Godwyn, Andrew Stutsbury, William Townsend senr Churchwardens
[blank], Robert Seaton Overseers of the poor

[added in l. margin] Will: Norris, Richard Deering

[col.1]  Thomas Yorrall [=Worrall], Willm Eliott, John Worrall, Widdowe Budde, Widdow Smith, William Browne, Margaret Allen, Willm Paradine alias Kibble, Widdowe Norman, Thomas Hawkins, Henry Tymms, Thomas Branford, Richard Aston junr, Widdow Hogson, Widdow Richardson, William Powers, Thomas Prentice, Evan Griffiths, Wid Green, Wid Burrell, John Coleman, Tho: Bendbow jun, Widdow Shelton sen, Richard Reddall, Thomas Bigges, Henry Thoms, Widdowe Thoms, William East, Thomas Bett, Richard Rogers, Widdow Holt, Widdow Hughs, Widdow Shelton jun

[col.2] Christopher Willins, Thomas Ummunt, William Lovet, Thomas Pease, Ralph Porter jun, Widdow Dandridge, Thomas Thoms, Ralph Noone, Samuel Miller, Richard Bendbowe, Widdowe Worstley, William Hodgkins, William Worstley, Anne Paradine, Widdowe Moors, Wid Franklyn, Willm Cleydon, Nich: Miller sen, Thomas Udden, Frances Fell, Ralph Porter sen, [2 deletions], Charles King, Edward Redall, Widdow Kinge, Thomas Bendbowe sen, Phillip Bayly, William Allen, Nich Miller jun, Joseph Dandridge, Edward Elmer, Robt Spooner

We Allow of this Certificate containing 66 Names
[signed] John Busby, Tho: Stafford

16 January 1672/3 [pro forma repeated]

[signed] Samuel Dix Vicar
Francis Glenister, John Norman, Thomas Robyson Churchwardens
Nicholas Biggs, Thomas Norcott Overseers of the poor

[col.1] Thomas Branford, Thomas Hawkins, Widdow Budde, Widdow Smyth, Robert Spooner, William Brown, Margaret Allen, William Paradine, John Glenester Labourer, Henry Tymmes, Richard Deering, Richard Aston jun, Widdow Hogson, Widdowe Richardson, Ralph Porter sen, Thomas Prentice, Widdowe Green, Widdowe Burrell, [deletion], William Power, Thomas Bendbowe jun, Widdow Shelton sen, Richard Reddall, Henry Tommes, Thomas Bigges, Widdowe Tommes, William East, Thomas Bett, Francis Rogers, Widdow Shelton jun, Widdow Holt, Widdow Hughs, William Greene

[col.2] Christopher Willins, Thomas Ummunt, Thomas Pease, Ralph Porter jun, John Webbe, Thomas Thoms, Ralph Noone, Samuel Miller, Richard Bendbowe, Widdowe Worstly, William Hodgkins, William Worstly, Anne Paradine, Widdow Moores, Widdow Franklyn, William Cleydon, Nicholas Miller sen, Thomas Udden, Frances Fell, William Allen, Anne Prentice, George Shawe, Edward Reddall, Charles King, Widdow King, Thomas Bendbowe sen, Phillip Bayly, Thomas Gurney, Samuell Winston, Edward Elmer, Widdow Allen, William Eliot, Will King, John Worrall

We Allow of this Certificate containing 66 Names
[signed] Tho: Stafford, Bernard Turney

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