William Wilson, solicitor (1797-1829)

William Wilson was established as a solicitor in Winslow by 1819.  He lived at The Elms in the High Street until 1825.

London Standard, 30 Nov 1829


Saturday evening an inquest was held at St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, on the body of Mr. William Wilson, aged 32, who committed suicide.  The deceased, while passing Furnival’s Inn, on Thursday afternoon, was observed to fall on his back.  He was instantly taken up, and conveyed to St. Bartholomew’s Hospital, where it was discovered he had taken oxalic acid;  he died soon after.  A number of letters and other documents were found on his person, one of which was to the following effect:-

“I write this while labouring under the most severe mental distress, brought on by persecution and the numerous difficulties with which I am surrounded;   I am cut off like a flower, and my unfortunate situation must be attributed to the ill treatment of ……………. whose conduct towards me is without parallel.  I loved my wife, I declare as a dying man, most dearly;  and I pray to God to protect her and my innocent child.  I am worn out, my heart is broken.- Farewell, most affectionately, farewell.


This letter was addressed to “Mr. Gent, surgeon, Winslow, Bucks.”  From the other documents it appeared that he had been separated from his wife some time, and that she had sued him in the Ecclesiastical Court for restitution of conjugal rights.  It also appeared that his father, who was possessed of very large property, had lately died, and left him only “a shilling;”  but to the other branches of his family he had left considerable personal and landed property.- The jury having received evidence that he was insane, returned a verdict to that effect


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