Redemption of a mortgage, 14 April 1760

Centre for Bucks Studies, D/BASM/84/10

14th April 1760
William West of Leckhamsted Yeoman acknowledged to Ferdinando Southam gent, deputy Steward, payment by Stephen Gibbs of Winslow Butcher of Fifty pounds with interest, relating to a Surrender of Copyhold premises in Winslow made by Thomas Spratley and Jane his wife to William West, dated 1st November 1757.
Witnessed by Ferdinando Southam and William West

Court Baron, 5 June 1760

Clear, King's Village in Demesne, p.13

Manor of Winslow with its Members
Court Baron of Richard Lowndes Esq. Friday 5 June 1760 33 George II by William Duncombe gent. steward

William Markham, late of the Six Clerks Office, London, but now of Northampton, gent., did out of court surrender a messuage situate at the townsend of Winslow called Sheepcoate House and 3 acres of land adjoining called Sheepcoate Leyes, the highway east, and 8 ridges of arable land in New Mill Field in a furlong called Bubblers Gore, the king's highway north, east and west. To this court did come Robert Bigg of the Post Office, London and desires to be admitted. Rent [blank], fine £4 10s.

Presumably Clear took this from a copy of the individual entry. Sheepco(a)te House was in Western Lane. The property was immediately sold to Richard Lowndes.

View of Frankpledge with Court Baron, 31 Oct-1 Nov 1760

British Library, Add.Ch.53999

Original in English. Only entries concerning Winslow summarised here.

Manor of Winslow with its Members
View of Frankpledge with Court Baron of Richard Lowndes Esq. Friday and Saturday 31 Oct and 1 Nov 1760 1 George III by William Duncombe gent. steward

Leet Jury:
William Parker, John Hall, John Gibbs, John Swannell, Henry Line, William Griffin
Robert Blake, Thomas Tatham, John Bence, William East, Richard West & John Parkins

Officers chosen [left blank]

Due to the lord as the common fine from the Inhabitants of Winslow 16s 4d, Shipton 8s 4d, Grandborough 11s 4d, Little Horwood 12s 4d, Oveing and North Marston 26s 8d.

Court Baron

Stephen Gibbs, Robert Gibbs, Thomas Bowler
Christopher Bigg, Thomas Curtis, John Illing

[f.1v] Ann Elliot of Shipton widow surrendered 4 acres of pasture lying dispersedly in the Close called Bowlers Ground. To the use of Daniel Elliot, who desires to be admitted. Rent 1s, fine 8s.

[f.2r] Thomas Egerton of Northchurch Herts Gent. by James Burnham Gent. his Attorney by letter dated 10 Oct last [blank space left for text of letter] surrendered a messuage in the Market Square in Winslow now in the occupation of Thomas Prentice, the messuage in the occupation of George Foster north and east, with all Buildings Barns Stables. To the use of Thomas Prentice of Winslow surgeon. Rent 4d, fine 5s.
[This refers to part of the former Angel, now 2 High Street & 1 Sheep Street]

Thomas Spratley of Winslow Victualler customary tenant and Jane his wife surrendered two messuages in the Butter Market in Winslow now in the several occupations of himself and Stephen Gibbs or their assigns. To the use of the said Stephen Gibbs of [blank]. Rent 8d, fine 10s.
[This refers to 5 Market Square]

Richard West of Winslow Shopkeeper surrendered a messuage in Sheepstreet with Slaughterhouse Barns Stables Orchards late in the occupation of William Burrell. To the use of William King of Winslow Carpenter. Rent 4d, fine 5s.

[f.2v] John Bowden of Walton, Kings Sutton, Yeoman, who whilst he lived held a messuage and several lands, died since the last court. By his will he devised the same to Martha wife of Benjamin Markham. 1st proclamation made. [see below]

John Bowler of Thornton Dairyman on 15 May last surrendered by William Hobbs and Mathew Hobbs his arable land lying dispersedly in the open and common fields of Winslow containing 9½ acres:

To the use of Henry Stone of Aylesbury Sadler, on condition that if John pays him £60 on 15 Nov with interest the surrender to be void. 1st proclamation.
[John Bowler had inherited from his uncle Richard Eden]

[f.3r] Richard Hall of Winslow, Servant to Richard Lowndes esq., surrendered by Christopher Bigg and Charles Bowler a messuage in Winslow to the use of his will.

[f.3v] John Bowden of Walton, Kings Sutton, surrendered out of court by John Stevens and William Holland all his messuages, closes and tenements to the use of his will.

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