View of frankpledge and court baron, 10 October 1740

British Library, Add.Ch.53988

Only entries concerning Winslow have been summarised here, apart from the lists of jurors which also include Little Horwood and Granborough. The original is in English.

[f.1r] View of frankpledge and court baron of Richard Lowndes Esq., held 10 Oct 1740 by John Markham gent., steward.

Jurors for the View of Frankpledge:
Matthew Deely, Robert Shenton, William Perkins jr
Francis Collins, John Barton, Daniel Elliott
John Gibbs, Richard Norris, William Clarke
William Marlow, William Grainge, John Lett

Petty constables of Winslow: Henry Burley & Francis Collins in place of William Bates & Joseph Bigg.

Common fine: Winslow 16s 4d, Shipton 8s 4d, Granborough 11s 4d, Little Horwood 12s 4d, Oving & North Marston 26s 8d.

Essoins: Stephen Bigg, George Barrett, William Hobbs, Grace Alldridge & Thomas Worrall with many others.

Jurors for the Court Baron:
Henry Stuchbury, Robert Crockett, Thomas Barton
Peter Stuchbury, John Elliott, Thomas Curtis
Thomas Whiteaves, Robert Manwaring, Joseph Weston
John Burrell, Robert Hill, John Hodgskins [sic]
Charles Bowler, William Stevens
Christopher Bigg, Nicholas Wyatt

Deborah Crosse has died. She held a cottage in Winslow.  Mary Cooke, widow, is sister and heir.  Heriot: an old cupboard worth 2s 6d.  She did not come.

Richard Bigg has died. He held several copyhold messuages, lands and tenements.  Heriot: a clock worth £3 10s.  On 31 Oct 1739 he surrendered all through Stephen Bigg and Peter Stuchbury.  
[f.1v] In his will he left all the messuage where he dwelled, with barn, stableyard, garden and backside, formerly belonging to the Angell Inn, purchased from Mr Hazlewood, to his widow Elizabeth for her life.  Remainder to Robert Bigg his son, until Richard Bigg his grandson pays him £30 within 12 months of Elizabeth’s death or he reaches 21, whichever happens last.  Otherwise to Elizabeth Bigg his granddaughter if she pays £30.  He left the rest of his freehold and copyhold holdings to Robert his son, who did not come.
On 21 Dec last, Richard and Elizabeth Bigg (examined by John Wyatt gent, deputy steward) surrendered their close of pasture called the Angell Close at Crosse Lanes in Winslow, with the land called Crosse Lanes on the south and west, the common field on the north.  To Joseph Weston of Little Horwood, yeoman.  Fine 2s. 

[f.2r] George Barrett of Winslow, glover, on 1 Feb last, surrendered the messuage in the occupation of Mr Benjamin Dudley, to John Burrall of Winslow, butcher.  To be void if George Barrett pays him £61 10s on 1 Aug next. 

John Marlowe of Hardwicke carpenter on 3 Sep last surrendered a messuage in Winslow formerly occupied by Deborah Croft widow and Hannah Snow, then William Marlowe and Elizabeth Bly, containing 2½ bays, with ingress through the yard of John Longbridge late of Winslow baker to thatch.  Granted to John Burrell of Winslow butcher.  To be void if John Marlowe pays him £30 15s on 3 March next.

Ann Wyatt of Shipton spinster on 15 Sep last surrendered 11 acres of land in Winslow and Shipton fields:
New Mill Feild

Old Mill Feild

Demoram Feild

Blackgrove Feild

Redd Feild

Lice Hill Feild

Granted to Richard Lowndes, lord of the manor.
[Ann Wyatt was the granddaughter of William Wyatt, butcher, d.1695; the land she sold to Richard Lowndes came to her under an arrangement made in 1701, amended in 1725.]

[f.2v] John Goodman & Elizabeth his wife surrendered through the steward two cottages or tenements adjoyning together situate in Great Horn Street in Winslow aforesaid in the severall occupations of Michael Goodman and Susanna Cox, the house of Ralph Worsley being on the north east part thereof, together with all barns, outhouses...  to the use and behoofe of John Burrall of Winslow, butcher, his heirs and assigns for ever.  To be void if they pay him £30 15s on 10 April next.

John Burrell of Winslowe Butcher acknowledgeth himself satisfied and paid all principall money and Interest mentioned in the condition of a surrender of a certain copyhold Mesuage or Tenement ... made by George Barrett of Winslowe  Glover on 1 Feb last.

George Barrett, customary tenant, surrendered All that mesuage Cottage or Tenement situate in Winslowe aforesaid now in the occupation of Benjamin Dudley the Younger, the house and ground of John Budd being on the east part thereof, with barns, stables, gardens, etc. to the use of Richard Hurst (servant to Mrs Busby of Addington), who was admitted. Rent [blank], fine 5s.

[f.3r] Joseph Turner of Winslow surgeon & Emma his wife and Elizeus Clark surrendered a messuage occupied by Joseph Weston & 21½ acres of land in the occupation of Joseph Weston in Little Horwood, left to Joseph in the will of John Markham of Little Horwood.  To the use of William Wilson of Thorneborough lacebuyer.

End of this court

Court Baron of Richard Lowndes esq. on 4 November 1740 held by John Markham gent., steward

The Homage: Stephen Bigg, Richard Mayne, Richard West, George Barrett, Richard Shelton, Thomas Tatham

[Business only concerned Little Horwood]

[f.3v] Court Baron of Richard Lowndes esq. on 22 December 1740 held by John Markham gent., steward

The Homage: Stephen Bigg, William Goodman, Phillip Bayley, Robert Gibbs, Thomas Tatham, William Stevens

To this court came Thomas Gataker Grandsonn and Heir att Law of Barbarah Gataker Widdow deceased by John Anstee his Attorney Lawfully constituted as by his Letter of Attorney here in Court produced fully appears and requesteth to be admitted Tenant to one mesuage or Tenement in Winslowe aforesaid called or known by the Name or sign of the Three Tunns with all the appertenances thereto belonging which came into the hands of the Lord of the said Mannor upon the Death of the said Barbarah Gataker presented att a Court held for the said Mannor the [blank] heretofore the Estate of Marke Morris Innholder deceased and by him surrendred to the said Barbarah Gataker and her heires for secureing the payment of one hundred pounds and Interest.  Seizin granted to Thomas on the same conditions.  Fine 5s.
Marke Morris and Ann his wife and Thomas Gataker, grandson and executor of Barbarah, through his attorney, surrendered “All that mesuage or Tenement now in the occupation of Benjamin Ingram called the Three Tunns scituate in Winslowe aforesaid in the street called the Cowstreet there with all houses outhouses edifices Buildings Barns Stables Yards Orchards Gardens Backsides Ways Watercourses Easements Proffitts and appertenances whatsoever thereto belonging” to the use of Benjamin Ingram.  If Mark or Ann pay him £100 and interest on 22 June next, the surrender to be void.  Benjamin admitted tenant.  Rent [blank], fine 5s.
[Mark Morris jr was admitted to the reversion of the Three Tunns in 1723, but the mortgage must have been made by his father Mark Morris (d.1721). The original mortgagee Barbara Gataker of Swanbourne had her will proved in 1735.]


Essoins: Apologies for non-attendance.

Heriot: Most valuable possession, taken by the lord of the manor when a tenant died or gave up all his/her holdings


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