Faculty for the restoration of Winslow Church 1883

Oxford Diocesan Papers c 1670\1

Architect: John Oldrid Scott of No 31 Spring Gardens, London

To remove the roofs of the nave and the south aisle

To take down the wall of the chancel and north aisle

To erect a new buttress on the south side of the chancel

To put new roofs to the nave, north and south aisles, chancel
and chancel aisle

To provide a communion table to the chancel and new rails and seats to same

To take down and remove the present sittings, and provide new sittings throughout

To restore the porch, the inner doorway and the door

To take up the present floors and paving and lay down new ones

To repair the tower

To restore and repair such other portions of the fabric of the church (both internal and external) requiring restoration and repair and generally to do and perform all such other works and operations about the church as might be fairly implied in fully carrying out the plans and specifications of the architect aforesaid

Drawing of the restored churchClick on the image for one of John Oldrid Scott's drawings of his plans for the restoration, 1884. All the drawings are available here (©English Heritage):

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