Winslow Town Brass Band, founded 1901

Winslow had a number of bands and other musical ensembles during the 19th century, none of which lasted more than a few years. See (e.g.) Amateur Brass Band fete 1867; Dr Newham's obituary. A new brass band was formed in 1901. The vice-presidents were the vicar and the Baptist and Congregational ministers so it clearly set out to be non-denominational, which hadn't always been the case in the past.

1901: Buckingham Advertiser, 2 Nov
  A meeting to form a town band for Winslow was held in the Congregational Schoolroom on Wednesday night and was well attended.  Among those present were the Rev. J. G. Evans, Mr. W. Emerson, Mr. J. Bathe, Mr. W. Mumford, etc.  It was resolved to start the Band and to hold a second meeting next week for completing the arrangements.

1901: Buckingham Advertiser, 9 Nov
Vice-Presidents- REV. W. F. ARMSTRONG, REV. J. G. EVANS, REV. H. K. BYARD.
Bandmaster – MR. W. EMERSON,
Hon. Secretary – MR. W. MUMFORD,
Treasurer – MR. E. R. MEYER, Manager, Bucks and Oxon Bank, Winslow.
  At the request of practically the whole town of Winslow, the above BAND has been formed on the most approved principles.  To provide the proper equipment will require a sum of £200, and as the entire properties of the Band will remain the property of the Town, it is felt that a Public Appeal for funds will be met with a ready and liberal response.  Any help given to the Band will be a consideration shown to the whole Town.  Subscriptions may be paid into the Bucks and Oxon Bank, Winslow, on account of Band, or remitted to the Hon. Secretary
                                                                                    W. MUMFORD,
                                                                        Church Cottage, Winslow.

1901: Buckingham Advertiser, 23 Nov
  TOWN BRASS BAND.- This Band, numbering about forty subscribing members, has set to work in real earnest, and has already received four lessons.  The committee are arranging for a bazaar and soiree on Boxing Day, to help augment the funds necessary to properly equip the Band, thus proving at the outset the intention as far as possible to practice the principle of self-help, and not rely simply upon subscriptions.  In the meantime, however, a house-to-house collection will also be made.  The President (Captain W. H. Lambton) has generously headed the fund list with £10, and other considerable help from both outside and inside is already promised in the form of donations.  Articles have also been promised for inclusion in the contemplated Sale of Work, which is to be followed by a tea and musical entertainment, so as to fill up the afternoon and evening in good style.  If possible, a short and interesting address by a noted headmaster and lecturer will be arranged for to open the proceedings.  Full particulars will be advertised later.  A number of local favourites have volunteered their musical services, and it is pretty certain a good all round programme will be ensured.  Any others willing to help in any sort of way should please make themselves (or any suggestions) known to the Secretary of the Band (Mr. W. Mumford, Church Street, Winslow) as early as possible.

1902: Buckingham Advertiser, 3 May
(Preparing for the Coronation Dancing).
(No entrance Fee), for those residing within 5 miles of Winslow, will be held in the BOYS’ OLD NATIONAL SCHOOL-ROOM.
  For the Couples that Waltz the best will be awarded to the Gentleman, 1st- A splendid 8-Day CLOCK in solid Oak case, strikes hours and ½ hours, value £1/10/0; and to the Lady, a handsome Silver GENEVA WATCH in case, also value £1/10/0.  2nd- A Consolation Prize respectively for the Lady and Gentleman who Waltz second best, all given by Mr. C. Osborn, Winslow, and will be on view on the evening of the Dance.  This second offer will be withheld if less than 8 Couples compete.
Admission – 8 p.m. to 3 a.m., Single 1/6, Couple 2/6
N.B. - There will be the usual Dancing before and after Competition.
M.C.,  MR. C. OSBORN, Winslow.
  Refreshments and efficient Music will be provided.

1902: The band paraded the town to celebrate the end of the Boer War and the return of Private J. Bradbury.

1903: Bucks Herald, 3 Jan
  TOWN BAND CONCERT, ETC.- To the Town Band belongs the credit on enlivening the town this Christmas time.  On Christmas Eve they played a selection of carols, which were much appreciated, winding up at about 1 p.m.  On Boxing Day they paraded the town, and at night gave a concert in the Centenary Hall, which was fairly filled for the occasion.  The concert passed off well, a varied programme being thoroughly appreciated.  Selections were played by the Band; songs contributed by Miss Elsie Emmerson, Mr. Lundy, Miss A. Willmer, Mr. F. Lomas, Mr. W. Walker, and Mr. Ernest Sellars; pianoforte, cornet, and piccolo solos by Miss. E. M. Mumford, Master Sellars, Mr. John Bathe, and Mr. W. Mumford; a recitation by Miss Emerson, and a violin solo by Mr. H. Pady.  As the result of the day’s proceedings the Band reduced the debt on their instrument fund from £80 to £70.

1903: Buckingham Advertiser, 17 Jan
  TOWN BAND.- the general annual meeting of the members of this band was held on Monday evening at the Centenary Hall, the Rev. H. K. Byard in the chair.  It was well attended and the business passed off smoothly all seeming well pleased with the success of the first year.  £112:4:51/2 has been raised during the year, and it was generally agreed to be excellent work in the time, considering the many other public claims which have been advocated in the district.  Besides having reduced the debt to £70, the band has acquired a heavy and well selected stock of music, also music stands and a large patent acetylene lamp, all of which are paid for.  It is earnestly hoped to clear the band of all debt during the present year, by the help of the band’s many kind friends, so as to keep the band’s contract with Messrs. Besson and Co. for instruments, and to establish the band upon a sound footing financially.  Among other proposals brought forward it was thought desirable to invite certain gentlemen to become annual subscribing honorary members of the band, so that it may be maintained from year to year in a state of thorough efficiency.  The accounts had been carefully audited by Messrs. W. N. and Stanley W. Midgley, and were pronounced highly satisfactory, and a vote of thanks to the hon. sec., Mr. Mumford, for his trouble was unanimously passed.  Captain W. H. Lambton was unanimously re-elected president, Revs. W. F. Armstrong and H. K. Byard vice-presidents, Mr. E. R. Major [Meyer] treasurer, Mr. W. Mumford hon. sec., Mr. W. Emerson hon. bandmaster, and three vacancies on the committee were filled up.

1903: Buckingham Advertiser, 18 April
THE WINSLOW TOWN BRASS BAND (Bandmaster, Mr. W. Emerson), possessing a full set of Messrs. Benson’s Prototype Instruments and an up-to-date stock of music, is open to accept ENGAGEMENTS for playing  of all kinds-Demonstrations or Small Parties.
            For terms apply to the Hon. Sec.,
                                                            W. MUMFORD, Winslow.

1903: Buckingham Advertiser, 8 Aug
  FLORAL SOCIETY DANCE.- The dance usually held by the Floral Society on the night of the Flower Show, but which was compelled to be postponed owing to the weather, was held on Tuesday evening.  The night, although not warm, was dry, and was beautifully light with the moon, and nearly 700 people enjoyed the dance on the picturesque Green, with its netting of evergreens and its beautiful old turf.  The music was provided by the Winslow Town Band (conductor, Mr. W. Emerson) and dancing was kept up till the midnight chimes pealed out from the church tower.  Mr. E. A. Illing was the acting steward.

1903: Bucks Herald, 19 Sep
  ACCIDENT TO THE BAND.- The Winslow Town Band on Sunday afternoon, attended the Friendly Societies’ parade at Buckingham, journeying there in two conveyances.  The parade over they were returning steadily to Winslow, and the second conveyance was coming down Bent Hill, between Padbury and Buckingham, when the shafts snapped in two and the horse bolted with the fragments at his heels.  The result was a severe spill for bandsmen and instruments, but fortunately the men escaped with a good deal of bruising, while some of the instruments were broken.  The horse was stopped by three men on the road and proved to be only slightly scratched.  The Swanbourne Band, which was not far behind, rendered all the service it could, and the arrival home of the two bands and the broken conveyance, &c., caused some commotion on Sunday evening.  Considerable sympathy is felt for the Band, as they are trying to complete the payment for their instruments this season, and now have a considerable sum to expend in repairs.

1905: Bucks Herald, 23 Sep
  By the kindness of Mr. G. D. E. Wigley, an illuminated garden fete was held in the grounds of Sunny Lawn, Winslow, on Thursday, Sept. 14, in aid of the instrument fund of the Winslow Town Prize Band, and held under the auspices of the Mid Bucks Band League.  The weather was very favourable, and the only drawback to the complete success of the proceedings was the enforced absence of Mr. W. Emerson, bandmaster of the Winslow Band, who had been untiring in his efforts to perfect the arrangements, owing to the death of his little daughter.

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