Bucks County Council election, 1892

For the first Bucks County Council election in 1889, click here. By 1892 most of the leading Liberal activists of the 1880s had fallen away for various reasons, while the Winslow Conservatives were better organised than they had been thanks to the Working Men's Conservative Association. The sitting councillor, Hon. Thomas Fremantle, who won by 4 votes in 1889, did not seek re-election as he was out of the country (although he hadn't felt obliged to resign his seat).

James East was the original choice as Liberal candidate but withdrew because of ill-health (Bicester Herald, 29 Jan). James Spooner put himself forward as "Labour" candidate, which was not yet a party label, and asked for Liberal support. The Liberal Association claimed that he had undertaken not to stand, but he denied this (letter from "Truth" dated 6 Feb published in Buckingham Advertiser).

Bicester Herald, 12 Feb
  WINSLOW DISTRICT COUNTY COUNCIL CANDIDATURE.-  Mr. James Spooner, labour candidate, has sent the following letter to the secretary of the Liberal Association, as a reply to the resolution passed by the association requesting him to withdraw:- “High-street, Winslow, Feb. 9.-Dear Sir, - I beg to say that, after careful consideration, my friends advise me not to attend the Winslow meeting on Friday next, as they don’t intend coming.  But I am to go quietly on and they will do the needful at the poll.- Yours faithfully, JAMES SPOONER.- to Mr. C. Saving.

The Liberal meeting in Winslow on 12 Feb decided not to support him because he had no chance of winning the seat, and undertook (in the version reported in the Bicester Herald) to find a candidate from outside the district.The Bicester Herald (4 March) then reported that the Liberals had chosen Mr F. Bodley of Fenny Stratford.

The Buckingham Advertiser (13 Feb) understood that Jonas Hillyer was going to stand for the Conservatives, but at a WMCA meeting on 17 Feb Hillyer withdrew and Colonel Cecil Hubbard of Addington was chosen.

Bucks Herald, 5 March
  THE COUNTY COUNCIL ELECTION.- The interest felt in this election has considerably increased owing to the coming forward of a third candidate, Mr. F. Bodley, at the invitation of the Liberal Association.  He has held meetings during the week at East Claydon, Hogston, and Swanbourne.  Col. Hubbard has also held good meetings at Swanbourne, where Lord Cottesloe presided, and at North Marston, where the Rev. Harold James occupied the chair.  The final meetings took place, in support of Mr. Bodley, at the Centenary Hall, Winslow, on Thursday, and of Col. Hubbard on Friday, at Winslow.  The following are the nominations for the Winslow and Horwood districts, issued by Mr. T. P. Willis, who is returning officer for both – Winslow: Mr. Botley, nominated by Rev. John Pither and Mr. Joseph Colgrove (Winslow); also by Mr. Thomas Pitkin and Mr. John Colgrove (Swanbourne) by Mr. John Biggs and Mr. Josiah Higgins (Grandborough); by Mr. Robert White and Mr. William White (Hogston); and by Mr. Thomas Norman and Mr. Charles Rawlins (East Claydon).  Colonel Hubbard’s first nomination was signed by Lord Cottesloe and Mr. James Turvey (Swanbourne); and others by Mr. James King and Mr. W. S. Neal (Winslow); and by Mr. St. J. B. James and Mr. Thomas Biggs (North Marston).  Mr. Spooner was nominated by Mr. Amos Hopkins and Mr. Robert Knight (Hogston); and by Mr. Frederick Griffin and Mr. William Gibson (Winslow).

Bucks Herald, 12th March,
WINSLOW.  The polling here passed off quietly enough and rather slowly till towards evening, when the villagers came flocking in.  There were three candidates here also.  Colonel Hubbard’s committee rooms were at Mr. Sellar’s in the High-street, and he had plenty of conveyances from Addington and Swanbourne.  Mr. Bodley’s committee room was at Mr. Yeulett’s, and he had conveyances lent by the Right Hon. Sir Harry Verney, Mr. W. Dalglish, and Mr. S. Jones.  Mr. T. D. Curtis respresented Col. Hubbard in the polling station, and Mr. Yeulett Mr. Bodley.  Mr. Spooner was unrepresented.  The result was declared by Mr. Willis, about 10.30 on Wednesday morning, as follows:-
                        Hubbard                                            312
                        Bodley                                               220
                        Spooner                                             39
  There are 721 electors on the Register.  The figures at the previous election were:- T. F. Fremantle, 307; Jones, 303; French, 32; total, 642.

In an announcement printed in the Buckingham Advertiser on 25 March 1893, Cecil Hubbard (writing from Tenerife) stated that he had resigned his seat as the illness of a family member obliged him to reside abroad. Hon T.F. Fremantle was the only nominee to replace him, and was declared elected..

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