Sale of land, 1877

Buckingham Advertiser, 2 June 1877

Five Closes of Valuable PASTURE LAND,
Messrs. DUDLEY and SON,

On FRIDAY, June 8th, 1877, at the George Hotel,
Winslow, at Five o’clock in the afternoon.

LOT 1.- BAULK CLOSE, a rich sound piece of PASTURE LAND, containing 1a. 0r. 30p.   Close to the Town, and very valuable for occupation;  now let to T. P. Willis, Esq., a yearly tenant.

LOT 2.- The two undivided third shares of POND LEYS CLOSE, a sound piece of rich PASTURE, with substantial and recently built brick and slate Cowhouse for 12 cows, containing 3a. 2r. 8p., with a frontage to Addington Road and Featherbed Lane, in the occupation of Mr. Silvanus Jones.

LOT 3.- BELL CLOSE, ABRAHAM’S PITS, and FAG END, (now in one) containing together 8a. 3r. 7p, of rich old PASTURE, thoroughly drained and in capital condition, with a small Cowhouse standing thereon and a considerable frontage to Featherbed Lane, in the occupation of Mr. Silvanus Jones.

LOT 4.- NEWMAN’S PIECE, a close of Excellent PASTURE, adjoining the Railway, containing 3a. 2r. 27p, in the occupation of Mr. William Matthews.

These lots are Copyhold of the Manor of Winslow, nearly equal in value to Freehold.   The whole is tithe-free.

LOT 5.- HORRIL HILL CLOSE, a piece of PASTURE LAND of good quality, containing 2a. 2r. 10p.,  with a boarded and tiled Cowhouse, adjoining the Railway and Featherbed Lane, in the occupation of Mr. George Ingram.   This lot is Freehold, Tithe-free, and exonerated from Land-tax.

The whole of the Land is well supplied with water from never-failing springs;  it is well fenced, in first-rate order, and will readily let at high rents as accommodation land, being close to the Town and convenient for the large Cattle Markets.

Particulars with plans and conditions of sale may be obtained of Messrs. Hooper and Bullock, Solicitors, of Messrs. Willis and Willis, Solicitors, and of Messrs. Dudley and Son, Auctioneers and Land Agents, all of Winslow


Lot 1 seems to be the land previously known as Lower Baulk. If so, it was bequeathed by Bridget Yeates to D.T. Willis, and was on the south side of what is now Verney Road.

Lot 2 was probably where Furze Down School now stands.

Lot 3 was the next field to the north, now part of the new housing development.

Lots 4 and 5 were west of Furze Lane.

Most of the land was allocated to Samuel Norman at Enclosure, and was probably part of the estate of Bridget Yeates sold in 1846. We haven't yet found who the vendor and buyers were in 1877.

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