Sequestration Committee, 1647

National Archives, SP 20/13/63

The Sequestration Committee dealt with the property of Royalist delinquents during the Civil War, including the Duchess of Buckingham and her husband the Earl of Antrim. On 6 Aug 1642, they had leased (at a peppercorn rent, according to William Lowndes' note) the manor of Winslow for 50 years to Sir Henry Reeve of London, on the expiration of a least to Peter Fige of Winslow, and the lease had passed to Sir Henry's son George (Sir Henry was mortally wounded fighting for the King at the Battle of Edgehill, 23 Oct 1642). This document confirms George Reeve's claim, although it must been limited to the Duchess' life as she held the manor as part of her dower, and would later have been superseded when the Buckingham estates were confiscated and Winslow was awarded to Major-General Philip Skippon. No-one who actually lived in Winslow seems to have had their property sequestrated.

Buck: Si    At the Com(mi)ttee for the sayd County sitting at Aylesbury the 20 of August 1647

According to an Order of ye Com(mi)ttee of Lords & Commons for Sequestrac(i)ons sitting at Westm(inster) of the 2d instant August made in the case of George Reeve Esq(uire) & upon p(er)using of ye report of the state of the case of Mr Bradshaw therein mentioned, And also upon sight of an Affidavit made by one Mr Peter Roberts proving the sealing & delivery of an Indenture bearing date the sixt day of August in the Eighteenth yeare of his Ma(jes)ties Raigne that now is, made betweene the Right Hon(oura)ble Randall Earle of Antrim, & the Right Noble Katherine Dutchesse of Buck his wife, on thone part, and S(i)r Henry Reeve of London k(nigh)t of thother part, And also proveing the considerac(i)on of money in the same Order & Report mentioned to be truly payd as therein is expressed : And likewise upon sight & considerac(i)on of ye sayd Indenture now shewed to this Com(mi)ttee whereby it appeares that the sayd Earle & Dutchesse did grant the messuages, lands, tenem(en)ts, tolls, offices, Fees, p(ro)fits, commodityes emolum(en)ts, & hereditam(en)ts, scituate, & being, or to be received & taken within the Lo(rdshi)pp, Manno(r), Towne, and liberty of Winslow in this County, then in the tennure of Peter Fidge thelder, and which the sayd Peter had, & held by lease, for a terme of yeares now determined, To the sayd S(i)r Hen(ry) Reeve, and his Assignes, To have from the expirac(i)on of the sayd lease now determyned for the Terme of 50 yeares yet in being, with Interest and Estate of, & in the p(re)misses appearing to this Com(mi)ttee to become and devolved to the sayd George, as Executor of the last Will & Testament of the sayd S(i)r Henry Reeve  It is now ordered by this Com(mi)ttee upon considerac(i)on of all ye p(re)misses that the sayd George Reeve shall & may have & enioy all and singular the sayd messuages, lands, Ten(emen)ts , heredit(amen)ts & p(re)misses, soe as aforesayd mentioned to be demysed to the sayd S(i)r Henry Reeve, according to the sayd mentioned demyse, & grant thereof, to him made discharged, & freed of, & from all Sequestrac(i)on by this Com(mi)ttee.

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