Winslow's response to the 29 articles, 1646

National Archives, SP28/151

Oliver CromwellIn 1646, with Bucks firmly under the control of Parliament and Charles I in the hands of the Scots, the County Committee started to look into making reparations for the losses which had been suffered during the fighting (although they were still imposing heavy taxation to pay for the army). They sent round a printed pro forma of 29 Articles, and the replies of many parishes have survived. The return for Winslow is the most substantial piece of evidence about what the town suffered during the Civil War, and is especially useful for the specific dates which it provides for the arrival of leading figures in the Parliamentary Army including the relatively unimportant (at the time he came to Winslow) Colonel Oliver Cromwell (read more about him on the Cromwell Association website). When he came in February 1644 he was on his way to the assault on Hillesden House. His second visit around Michaelmas was in the month before the Second Battle of Newbury, when Parliament was trying to put pressure on the Royalist stronghold of Oxford.

Some explanatory notes have been added below in italics. We haven't at present got the text of the 29 Articles but the nature of most of the questions can be reconstructed from the answer. The names written in the margins were the people who could confirm the expenditure which was claimed. For more information, see Ian Beckett, Wanton Troopers: Buckinghamshire in the Civil Wars 1640-1660 (Barnsley: Pen & Sword, 2015). We've also got responses from Maids Moreton, Wing and Padbury; more to follow.

An answere to the severall queries sent unto us from the Committee sitting att Amersham made by us the Inhabittants of Winslow with Shipton the inquire Containing 29 Articles: dafted the 30th daye of Auguste 1646:

1. Impr[imis] for the two first subsidies to our best remembrance Richard Hodgkings subcollecter paide to Robarte Grainge of Litle Horwood high Collecter [margin: to Grange] the some of twelve pounds or there abouts : And for the two next subsidies Hugh Seaton sen' subcollector payd to William Grange of Murslie the some of 12li being high Collector [margin: to Grange]
This refers to the four Subsidies (the usual form of direct taxation) granted by Parliament to Charles I in December 1640.

2. The fifte and sixt subsidies was gathered by John Shelton subcollector and payd to Mr Thomas Legoe of Burcotte butt how much we know not the subcollector being deade [margin: Lygoe]
These two Subsidies were granted in May 1641. There is a surviving return for Winslow according to which the subcollector was Ralph Phipps and the sum paid was £9 12s.

3. There was Collected the some of 37li or thereabouts for pole money by William Lownds and Richard Hodgkings subcollectors and payde to Sir Robarte Lovett high collector [margin: Lovett]
The Poll Tax was levied in 1641 to pay for disbanding the army after the war in Scotland. Winslow's return has survived (available on a CD from the Bucks Family History Society) and came to £37 2s.

4. There was nothing Lent to the reliefe of Ireland as we doe remember

5. There \was/ given the some of 5li out of the parish to our best remembrance butt who receaved yett we know not Collected by the Churchwardens [margin: Fountayne]
These were contributions for suppressing the revolt in Ireland in early 1642, for which Winslow actually collected £4 15s.

6. There was none given as we doe remember
Gifts for the relief of distressed Protestants in Ireland.

7. To the Britishe Army there was payd by Mr Paxon and Hugh Seaton sen' subcollectors the some of 21li in Maye 1646 to Mr Peacoke high collector
Allso payde by Richard Hodegkins and Andrwe Stuchbery subcollectors the some of 9[?]li 2s to Mr Peacock [margin: Peacock]
This was a tax for the relief of the army in Ireland, voted by Parliament in October 1644.

8. The some assessed for the first parte of the 400000li was 18li Henry Pyme sen' and Hugh Seaton sen' collect\ors/ and payde the same to Mr Stafforde 10li and to Mr Bruer of Pittstone high Collectors 8li [margin: Brewer]
9. For the second part of 400000li was payde to Nicholas Brinsale and Samuell Ralings Constables the some of 18li att fower severall times about the first of November 1642 [margin: to inquire]
This was money voted by Parliament to Charles I in February 1642, before the war started, "for the necessary defence and great affairs of the kingdoms of England and Ireland and for the payment of debts undertaken by the Parliament". The first part was collected in July 1642.

10. There was none Lent to our knowledge
"Proposition money" was a loan which Parliament tried to raise in June 1642 but fewer than a quarter of Bucks parishes contributed.

11. There was none subscribed for
Horses and arms for the army

12. There was none payd as we Can here of
The "fifth and twentieth tax" on defaulters voted by Parliament in May 1643.

13. There was none Collected as we knowe of
A review of the fifth and twentieth tax.

14. We remember nothing of yett
The fourth part of the £400,000.

15. We gathered and sent none as we remember
Contributions to the garrison of Reading.

16. There was none taken nor sente as we do remember
Contributions to the garrison of Newport Pagnell.

17. There was none sent for nor none payd as we know
Contributions to the garrison of Windsor.

18. There was money payd to the works att Alisbery into the hands of Nicholas Brinsall Constable butt how much we Cannot tell nor to whom he payd yett
Allsoe we sent into Alsbery 12 beds with Coverlids and bolsters and blankets the Constable receaveing them
Allso as much worke and charg\e/ uppon the parishe with provigon for horse and men by Cap: Abycromy to Addington to the valy 20li
Contributions to the garrison of Aylesbury and its activities.

19. Our monthly Assessement was att the first the some of 9li and afterwards 8li 5s which we payde in money and returnes unto the Committee att Alisbery or to there deputies ever since the ordinance was in force [margin: Comitty att Alesbury]
A weekly assessment was introduced in 1643. It was changed to a monthly tax in June 1647.

20. There was nothing payde nor lent for maimed solders butt now we have warrant for hett
Contributions for sick and maimed soldiers.

21. There was nothing lent nor payd as we remember
Contributions for the Scots army.

22. There is an estate of the Duchesse of Buckinham the Parsonage the Baylywicke and one litle howse all valued att one hundred pound by the yeere Mr Fygge sen' and Mr Peeter Fygge jn' being Tenants att the time of sequestration and the Continue tenants to this time paying the same Rent butt to whom we know not [margin: seques]
Allsoe there is 180 acers of arable and meddow of Mis Janes Henry Pime sen' being tenant and since the sequesstration the rent we know not nor to whome yett hath bene payde
Sequestrated property.

23. There was a horse with furniture served in by the parish valued att Tenn pound by warrant from the Commitee att Alisbury about midsomer 1644: served for the use of the Earle of Manchester: [margin: to inqueer]
Thomas Miller & John Miller payd 6li 13s 4d to Maior Banes under the Command of Alisbury garison \as we supose/ about Desember 1642 for 2 dragon horses [margin: Baynes]
Nicholas Sponer and John Shelton payd fiftie shillings a peece for to drago\o/ns horses the same to Colonel Terrell that they were charged with [margin: Torrell]
John Hogson served a horse valued att 4li by Captaine Smith and receaved into Captaine Grindfilds troope [margin: Greenvill]

Free quarterers

Maior Urrey with Two hundred horse and men one daye and night about the 13th of January 1644 att 20d the daye and night — 16li—13s—8d

Colo Cro\m/well had five troops att Shrofftide 1644 [i.e. 18 Feb] three dayes and nights Judged to be three score in a troop att least att 20d the daye and night — 75li

Colo Aldridge with his Regiment of foote one daye and night att the same time thought to be eyght hundred at eyght pence daye and night a man — 26li—13s—4d

Sir Robert Pye with two troops of horse on Ester daye 1645 [i.e. 6 April 1645] three score in a troope one day and night 20d day and night — 19li—0s—0d [margin: Aldridge]

The next daye Maior Generall Crafford with two Regiments of foote one daye and night guest to be eight hundred in a Regiment att 8d a man daye and night — 53li—6s—8d

From Newport 3 hundred foote under Cap Draps with Maior Enis troope three skore in his troope one daye and night the foote att 8d the horse att 20d — 15li

And the next daye six hundred foote from Northamton and one troope of horse 80 m(en) the troop one day and night 8d the foote and 20d the horse valued at — 26li—13s—4d

Five troops under the Comand of Colo Cromwell about Michelmas 1644 two daies and nights 60 in a troope att 20d a daye and night for horse and man —50li

Two hundred horse and men the 10th of Desemb 1645 Two daies and nights under the Comand of Colo Ireton att 20d daye and night man and horse — 33li—6s—8d

Three hundred horse and men the 20th of Desember 1645 under the Comand of Colo Whaley two daies and nights att 20d daye and night man and horse — 50li

The 22th of the same month one troop of horse under Cap Gladman two dayes and nights three skore in the troop att 20d daye and night man and horse — 20li

The 9th of January 1646 two hundred dragoons under the Comande of Colonel Whaley one day and night att 20d daye and night man and horse — 16li—13s—4d

The 20th of the same month two hundred dragoons under Colo Whalie three daies and nights att 20d a daye and night man and horse — 50li

The 9th of Aprill 1646 one hundred horse and men under Cap Hobson eleven daies and nights Coming of a party att 20d the daye and night man and horse — 91li—13s—4d

To Colo Sidney by warrant from him in March 1645 seven pound a wicke for a month — 28li

Payd to Maior Alforde by warrant six pound the wicke for the next month after — 24li

Payde to Cap Zankies troop att Bister from the 25th of March 1646 to the 20th of Maye the same — 27li

Att St James tide [25 July] 1646 Cap Zankies troop thought to be one hundred in his troop three daies and nights att 20d daye and night man and horse — 25li

Cap Blackwell had 40 horse and men for seven daies and nights att 20d the daye and night man and horse a fortnight after Midsomer 1646 — 23li—6s—8d

It[em] Payd to Maior Disborough uppon a warrant to Padbery and Sincleborow for the garde there — 4li—18s—8d

It[em] Cap Barton had 36 men and horse belonging to Colo Graves Regment quartered from the 28th of August 1646 to the 26th of September att 20d the daye and night man and horse — 84li

These were the expenses of quartering troops, for which certificates would have been issued.

24. We payde nothing to drums and coulors or any thing therein contained
Contributions to drums, trumpets, etc.

25. We \payde/ to the setting forth of solders but to whose solders we know not nor what we payde nether who were the Constables att that time
Soldiers equipped by the parish. In view of the vague answer, perhaps they had been for the Royalist army.

26. There was none Collected or given on fasts or thankesgiven daies as we doe remember
Collections made at times of fast or thanksgiving ordered by Parliament.

27. For the excise we have payd yett ever since the ordinance was in force except behinde at this time which we tooke for warrant for butt how much the former Constables Nicholas Brinsale Samawell Rawlings Henry Wiate and Henry Norman and Robart Eticale [?=Hale] \Richard Glenister/ Can best informe
Excise tax was introduced in 1643 on ale and cider, later on salt and hats.

28. There was some smale sumes payd for Coming for the exise butt how many we cannot tell
Expenses caused by failure to pay taxes etc.

29. The Charge of the parishe when his excellence the Earle of Essex laye in the towne with his army as neere as we Can estemate yett is 200li att the leaste being about Midsomer anno dom' 1643

William Hogsonne had a mare Charged to goe with the Caridge of the Earle of Essex and he never had her againe valued att 3li

Thomas Miller had a horse taken by the Earle of Manchesters men they leaving him a tired horse which died sudenly after his being worth 4li 10s

Thomas Glenister had a horse taken for the service of the Earle of Essex and never had him againe the horse was worth and valued att 4li

Samuell Rawlings had a horse charged by Cap: Abycromy for some desinge and never[?] had him againe value worth[?] ?li

Colo Bares men Coming to releive the gaurde took a horse from Henry Pime sen' valued att 5li they leaveing him a horse not worth twentie shillings about Ester 1645 [6 April]

Expenses not included under the previous 28 headings.

[signed] William Lowndes
Nicholas Sponer
Willm Glenister

The charges and losses which we have suffered by the Kings Soldiers will be above double this here specified in this answere If it please this honorable Comittee to take this into conscideration and desire the particulars we shall endevour to give them satisfaction

[written on the outside of the booklet] Winsloe cum Shipton

Hen: Oviat

We're going to add the returns of some local villages to give a broader picture of what was going on in the area during the Civil War. They weren't all as careful as Winslow in giving dates about who visited them when. See the Winslow return for the questions.

Maids Moreton

National Archives, SP28/151

October 14 1646                 Maids Morton
By vertue of a warrant from the committee sitting at Amersham for the taking of the accounts of this shire we the inhabitants of Maids Morton received in a printed paper 29 articles commonly calle(e)d
the 29 queres to which we answer thus

1. To the first article we answer thus That there was assessed on ye parish for the first 4 subsidies the sum of three pound foure shillings which sum was collected by George Turner then sub- collector and by him paid at 2 severall paiments to Mr John Pollard of Leckhamsted and to William Corbett then of Thorne-burrow now of Adstocke. That is to say the one halfe to the above said John Pollard and the other halfe to the above said Will Corbett

To John Pollard 
To William Corbett
1     12     0
1     12     0
Butterfeild 2. That there was assessed on the said parish for the 5 and 6 subsidies the sum of on pound twelve shillings, who was the
subcollector we know not, it was paid by Edward Butterfeild of Preston then high collector

To Edward Butterfeild  1     12     0
Humfery 3. That there was paid for pole mony by George Palmer then sub-collector, to John Humfries clarke to Mr Busby of Addington the sum of twelve pound three shillings six pence

To John Humfries  12     3     6
  4. Wee can not remember what was assessed subscribed or lent for the releife of Ireland

  5. There was mony given for the releife of the protestant ministers of Ireland but how much or to whom paid or who was collector we do not remember

  6. Wee remember not that anny thing was done in it

Mapleton 7. That there was paid by George Grissell to John Maypleton received in Mr Peacocks absence for the Brittish army in Ireland, the sum of three pounds ten shillings six pence

To John Mapleton 3     10     6
Rawlins 8. Concerning the first paiment of the £400000 wee answer that John Rogers then inhabiting in this towne now an inhabitant of the burrough of Buck paid to the high collector Mr Rawlins of Marsh the sum of five pound fourteene shillings foure pence halfe penny

To Mr Rawlins  5    12    10
  9. The second part of the £400000 was never taxed as wee remember in this side of the county

Ingolsby 10. Mr George Bate parson lent five pound and William Eston on pound uppon the propositions which were received by S(i)r Richard Ingolsby

To S(i)r Richard Ingolsby Kt. 6     0     0
Goodwin 11. John Eston listed 2 horses in Collonell Goodwins Regiment which were delivered to S(i)r Thomas Saunders priced 18 pound    

To S(ir) Thomas Saunders  18     0     0
12. William Barrett paid for his 20 and 5 part eight pound to Capt. Thomas Shelborne
And at an other payment too pound to Thom(as) Scot treasurer

To Capt Thomas Shelborne
To Thomas Scot
8     0     0
2     0     0
  13. Uppon the review of the 20 and 5 part there was nothing charged nor collected

  14. That the 4th part of the £400000 was paid but what was the sum, to whom or by whom paid wee do not remember

  15. Concerning provisions for Reading there was nothing required of us    
Luke 16. Paid to Robert de Lucke provost Marshall of the Garison of Newport Pagnell for 3 beds charged uppon us foure pounds ten shillings
Paid to William Ashwell clarke to S(i)r Sammuell Luke in mony and returnes three pound six shillings eight pence being our proportion for part of an horse charged upon us to be imployed for the service of the King and Parliament in the Garison of Newport Pagnell

To Robert de Luke
To Will. Ashwell
4    10     0
3     6      8
Luke By vertue of a warrant from S(i)r Sammuell Luke we sent into Newport Pagnell on able horse bridle and saddle paied six pound thirteen shillings foure pence


6     13     4
detts Paid to workemen of our owne towne for diging at the workes of Newport Pagnell by warrant from S(i)r Samuel Luke seaven pound eighteen shillings six pence

  7     18     6
  17. Concerning Windsor Garison there was nothing required of us

Aldrige 18. Paid to Lewis Rey for maintenance of the workes of Alisbury on pound
Paid to Thom(as) Egerton of Adstocke then high constable in mony and returnes on pound too shillings six pence by vertue of a warrant from Collonell Aldrige for the carriyng of wood to thatt Garrison of Alisbury

To Lewis Rey
To Thomas Egerton 
1     0     0
1     2     6
Egleton 19. Paid to Charles Egleton for monthly taxes March 25 1644 by John Eston and Thomas Webb the sum of fourteen pounds

To Charles Egleton   14     0     0
Scott Paid to Thomas Scot treasurer August 24 1644 by Thomas Addams too pounds and ten pence halfe penny

To Thom(as) Scot  2     0   10 ob
Peacock Paid to Nicholas Peacocke Jan. 1 1644 by the inhabitants of Maids Morton eight pound five shillings ten pence

To Nich  Peacocke 8     5    10
ditto Paid to Nicholas Peacocke Jun 20 1645 by John Eston and George Grissell seaven pound seaventeen shillings nine pence

  “    “   7    17     9
ditto Paid to Nich. Peacocke July the 26 1645 by the hands of John Eston three pound on shilling nine pence  

  “    “ 
3      1     9
    Sum tot(al)  19     5     4
Winde Paid to James Wind August the 26 1645 by the hands of Henery Eston the summ of three pound foure shillings

To James Winde 3      4      0
ditto Paid to James Winde September the 8 1645 by Henery Eston seaven pound too shillings sixpence

  “   “    7     2     6
ditto Paid to James Winde October 17th 1645 by the hands of John Eston too pound twelve shillings ten pence 

  “   “

2    12    10
ditto Paid to James Winde November the three and twentieth 1645 by John Eston too pound three shillilngs foure pence

  “   “ 

2     3      4
ditto Paid to James Winde Aprill the 30 1646 by John Attwood five pound three shillings ten pence

  “   “    5     3    10
ditto Paid to James Winde May 9 1646 by George Palmer and Thom(as) Webb too pound six shillings too pence

  “   “  

2     6      2
  Paid to Joane Wind for the aforesaid James Wind for the same use by John Rutly June 17 1646 three pound fourteen shillings

  “   “    3    14     0
  Paid to James Sigston for James Winde for the same use by John Warr too shillings ten pence   “    “  

2     2     10
    Sum. tot. 28    9     6
Baldwin Paid to Richard Baldwin March 12 1645 by the hands of Thomas Cleeve of Bucks one pound fifteene shillings five pence

To Richard Baldwin

1    15     5
Wilton Paid to Walter Wilton Feb(ruary) 18 1645 by William Scot too pound eight  

To Walter Wilton 

2     8     10
Scott Paid to John Hodges May 10 1645 three pound too shillings too pence  

To John Hodges  3     2     2
  20. Concerning lame souldiers mony wee remember not what was don in it

  21. Towards the advancing for the Scots wee received no warrant    
Sequest 22. There was sequestred in our parish the land belonging to All Soules colledge in Oxford then and now in the ten(an)ce of John Eston the rent is uncertaine it being part in mony and part in corne rent, The Lands belonging to Christ Church in Oxford in the Occupation of John Philpot, William Scot, Robert Ware, William Atwood, Henery Turpin, Ralph Turvy and John Abbott of Leckamsted the rent is uncertaine and we know not to whom paid, the lands belonging to S(i)r Simon Every part of which at sequestration were in the ten(an)cy and occupation of George Palmer and John Rogers but now in the ten(an)ce and occupation of Richard Stephens and Antony Rutly the rest of the land was then and now is in the occupation of Henery Smith Thomas Robbottom William Philpot Thomas Addams day laborer Edward Knight and Millicent Dixon relict of William Dixon day laborer there rents we know not nor can we answer more to this article   

  23. Delivered to Quart(er)m(aster Bate Quartermaster to Capt. Pim by William Barrett for the service of the King and Parl(iamen)t on dun horse worth six pound   To quart(er)m Bate  6     0     0
  Delivered to the above said quartermaster Bate by George Palmer for the use aforesaid on black bald horse worth nine pounds   “    “                         9     0     0
  Delivered to Capt. Charles Pim above said at Shenly by Stony Stretford on horse prizd seaven pound by John Eston as by a note under his owne hand doth appeare To Capt Charles Pim  7     0     0
  Paid by John Eston at Stony Stretford by vertue of his Excellency the Earle of Essex his commission unto Jo(hn) Lockey, Charles Fleetwood, Thomas Hammond, the sum of five pound as appeeres by a receite under there hands To Jo(hn) Lockey Charles Fleetwood Thomas Hammond 5     0     0
  24. For Drums trumpets colours and such like no thing required nor collected    
  25. For impressing cloathing and conducting of souldiers nothing required nor collected    
  26. Nothing collected or given on publicke fasting dayes    
  27. What hath bin paid for Excise we can not remember    
Wind 28. Paid by John Atwood constable for the inhabitants of Maids Morton to Mr James Wind the sum of on pound foure shillings imposed on them by the said James Wind for a distresse    To Mr James Wind 1     4     0
Norwich 29. Paid to S(ir) John Norwich the 13 of March 1643 by John Philpott the sum of ten pound eleaven shillings nine pence for the raising of horse and armes for the Earle of March army To S(ir) John Norwich         10   11    9
  Paid to Capt. Dendy a Capt(ain) in the Earle of Manchesters army of horse by order from the committee at Alisbury the sum of foure pound To Capt. Dendy 4     0     0
  Charged to Capt. Abercromy whilst he lay at Addington being six weekes for all manner of provisions for horse and men the worth of foure pound by the weeks foure and twenty pound To Capt. Abercromy           24    0     0
  Charged to the Capt. above said for too beds the sum of three pound   “   “  3      0    0
  Charged to Capt. Laurence his troope in S(i)r Thomas Fairfax his Regiment whilst they lay before Oxford in provinder at severall times so much as did amount at 100 shillings by the bushell to eight and twenty pound seaven shillings To Capt. Laurance 28    7    0
  Bought of Mr William Eston by Collonel Boswell for the use of the Warwickeshire Regiment 20 fat sheepe prizd 20 pound paid for only with a ticket under his hand To Collonel Boswell  20     0     0
  At the same time was deliverd  taken[?] away by the souldiers of S(i)r William Wellers army 40 more worth thirty pound from the said William Eston   30     0     0
  At the same time was delivered by John Eston to the said Collonel Boswell for the use of his Regiment 2 barrels of beere vessels and all worth eighteen shillings   0    18     0
  At the same time was pressed 5 horses and on Cart with 2 drivers to carry provision and 2 horses and on driver beside to draw a waggon which stayd out 6 weekes it being harvest time was worth eighteen pound and 2 of those horses were Mr John Estons and weare spoyled, one of them worth 5 pound died presently and the other was never since able to worke being before worth seaven pound   7     0      0
  Wee quartered Collonel Boswells men on night being a compleat Regiment Lieutenant Collonel Whaly with his troope Capt. Swallow with his troope and an other Capt. of the same Regiment with his troope consisting of about 360 men and horse for a weekes time   25     0     0
200    0    0
  Collonel Purefoy and his Regiment of horse on night the charge   31    10    0
  Maior Desborrows troope consisting of 90 men and horse on night   6     15     0
  Capt. Lawrance his troope on night   6     15     0
  Capt. Leiuetenant Dale with his troope on night   6     15    0
  Maior Swallows troope on night   6     15     0
  Leiuetenant Scotton with 50 men and horse of Capt. Renneles his troope 3 weeks   80    0      0
  Threescore men and horse on night that convoid[?] the foote which marched out of Oxford and were then disbanded in our parishes   4     10     0
  Ten of the Lord Canfeilds troope 3 weeks   15      0     0
Selborne and Deverell Maior Shelbornes troope and Capt Deverills troope 3 nights consisting of 100 men and horse     22    10     0
  The charges we have bin at for quartering Maior Ennis his men at severall times amounts to above threescore pound this being his usuall place of quartering when he was out with anny party   60     0     0
The totall sum of this booke is
  779    7    6

[Signed]    Willia(m) Barret     Thomas Webb his marke     Will(iam) Phillpott his marke

[written on the outside of the booklet]              Maids Morton
Tyrrell     Ennis     Hen. Oviat     Greenvill     Aldrige  
Slash      Shelborne     Scott     Goodwin     Martin


National Archives, SP28/150 f.108

The answer to the 29 Articles or to so many of them as can be remembred by Thomas May Thomas Bunce, Th: Hilsdon, Tho: Smith, Thomas Snow and Christopher Davy John Clark and John West of Padbury in the County aforesd yeomen being made choice of in the name of the rest of thinhabitants as followeth.

1&2 We certifie That the 6 Subsidies were assessed, and the summe of 19l 16s 6d paid to Mr Pollard, Willm Corbey, and Mr Butterfield then high Collectors
[margin] Pollard

3. To the 3 Articles we informe, That the Pole money was assessed and pd to Mr Robert Busby then high Collector, but what the iust summ was (one acquittance being lost) we cannot informe.
[margin] Busby

4&5. To the 4 and 5th we cannot materially answer

6. To the 6th we certifie That the money for the British Army \reliefe of the distressed p(ar)ty in Ireland/ was assessed and paid, but what the summe was, or to whom paid we cannot informe by reason the Acquittances are not to be found

7. To the 7th we informe That there hath bine assessed \for reliefe of the Brittish Army/ the summe of 12li in money and returnes, and the same pd and returnd by Thomas George and Thomas Hilsdon subcollectors, to Mr Nathaniell Peacock.
[margin] Peacocke

[new hand] 8. We informe that Willm Swannell deceased and Thomas Merry (now absent from our Towne) were Subcollectors for the moytie of the first part of the 400000li, The summ was assessed and paid to Mr Willm Rawlins of Marsh but what the summ was (the Acquittance not to be found) we cannot certifie. 
[margin] Rawlins

9 – 10 – 11 – 12 – 13 – 14 and 15   To these 7 Articles we cannot materially answer to them.

16.  To the 16th Article we certifie That in Sr Samuell Lukes time we sent in to Newport Pannell towards the makeing up of the works the summ of 5l or thereabouts, and for providing of bedds in that Garison Forty shillings more and upwards.
[margin] S Luke

17. To this Article we cannot informe.

19. We answer that our monthly contribucion to Aylesbury was 7li-5s-0d which (as we conceive) hath bine duly paid in moneyes and Returnes since the date of the ordinance of the 27th of June 1644, and the same pd to the severall Collectors Treasurers, by the severall Collectors of our parish, part of the Acquittances being lost, we are not able to give further satisfaccion herein.
[margin] to treasurers accomptt

20. We answer That there was given the summ of jjs forthe maintenance of maimed and sick souldiers, and the same pd to Mr Thomas Egerton then high Constable the 10th of October 1644, as by Acquittance doth appeare.
[margin] Egerton

21&22. To these 2 Articles we cannot certifie.

23. To this Article we certifie That by vertue of a warrant from Captaine Abercromby and Captaine Shilburne the summ of 30li was paid to them as by Acquittances may appeare bearing date in January 1643 for the raysing of horse and Armes for the Earle of Manchesters Army
[margin] Shilburne 

Item payd by warrant sent from Sir John Norwich at the Cock in Stony Stratford in money, the summ of 20li-7s, and in returnes 2l-3s in March 1643, as by Acquittance may appeare towards the raysing of horse and Armes for the Earle of Manchesters army. 
[margin] Norwich

Item Mr John Ingoldsby towards the raysing Captaine Francis Ingoldsby’s troope, did take from some of the Inhabitants of our parish 6 horses as he pretended by way of commission, vizt, one horse from Mr Tho Harris valued at 8li, one horse from Thomas May prized at 6li, one horse from Thomas Bunce valued at 10li, one horse from Thomas Carter prised at 5li, one horse from Thomas Baldwyn valued at 8li, one horse from Willm Swannell valued at 7li.  [May 1643?]
[margin] Ingolby

Item in the Earle of Essex his time there was charged upon our parish 4 Teemes for drawing of Artillery from Salden to Windsor, and were out in that service 17 daies which we value at 17li at the least.  [The Fortescues of Salden were active Royalists; presumably the house was assaulted]

Item sent in to Buckingham to Colonell Brownes souldiers in provision, to the value of 2li at the least.  [Major General Richard Browne was at Buckingham from 29 June 1644]

Item charged upon the parish at that time j Teeme and Cart to carry provision for the Commissary to Northampton and back againe to Aylesbury being out on that service 8 dayes which we value at 2li-13s-4d.

Item charged upon our parish 2 Teemes to draw ammonicion from Woodstock to Abingdon \by Sir Willm Wallers command/ being out in that service 10 dayes, and 5 of those horses utterly lost well worth 20li.  [May 1644?]

Item 2 other Teemes were charged on the Towne to draw a piece of ordinance from Aylesbury to Banbury when Colonell Fines layd siege to it, for which service no allowance was made either to the men or maintenance of the horses for 3 dayes service The charge whereof came to 2li at the least.  [John Fiennes besieged Banbury from 27 Aug 1644]

Item by vertue of a warrant from the Earle of Essex bearing date the 15th of July 1643, There was sent in to Commissary Nicho: Bond to Stony Stratford, provision, as Bread, Beere cheese Butter and Bacon to the value of 8li at the least.

Paid for quartering of 13 of Maior Ennice his souldiers at the Inn, at the Inhabitants charge j day and 2 nights – jli-2s.
[margin] Ennis

Item free quartering of 70 men of Maior Ennice his souldiers part of a day and night the charge 4li.

Item free quartering of Maior Ennice his Troope at least 60 men 2 dayes and 2 nights at 1s 4d each day and night for man and horse valued at 8li.

Item free quarters given to Maior Shilborne and 80 souldiers or thereabouts j night and part of a day the charge 4li.

Item free quarters given to Lieutenant Generall Crumwell, Maior Generall Crawford with divers other officers, and at the least 1500 souldiers foote and horse at the takeing of Hilsdon house, (and the prisoners brought from that house) for 3 dayes and 4 nights, The charges we leave to your Honors consideracions.  [March 1644]

Item free quarters given the weeke after the taking of Hilsdon house, to Maior Ewers his troope part of the Earle of Manchesters Army, being in number 200 men and horse for 4 dayes and nights at js 4d day and night for each man and horse, the charge 52li.

Item free quarter given to Maior Ewers his owne Troope at Easter \twelve moneth/ following for 60 men and horse at the least 4 dayes and jights at 1s-4d day and night for each man and horse, The charge 16li  [April 1645]

Item free quarters given the third time presently after Whitson tide then next following to the said Maior Ewers his Troope to the number of 60 men and horse or thereabouts 2 days and nights at js 4d day & night for each man and horse, the charge 8li  [May 1645]

Item free quarters given when the Generall came from Oxford towards Naseby to Foure Troopes of dragoones for 2 dayes and 2 nights, The charge whereof comes to 100li and upwards.  [June 1645; the general was Sir Thomas Fairfax]

Item free quarter given to one Regiment of Colonell Fines his souldiers that kept the horse Guard in the fields j night and j day, and the next day and night for one other Regiment that kept the like Guard, The charges and losse whereof to the Inhabitants amounts at the least to 40li.

Item the Inhabitants of our parish (when the Armies mett) sustaind very much losse and preiudice in their corne and grayne in the yeere 1643, to the value of 100li at the least.  [There was a skirmish at Padbury in July 1643]

Item free quarter given to 120 men of Colonell Whaley’s men at Christmas last for 3 dayes and 3 nights at js 4d day and night for each man and horse; The charge 24li.  [Dec 1645]

Item quartered about 50 men and horse of Lieutenant Generall Crumwells souldiers from the 29th of June 1646, till the 20th of July following being 3 compleat weekes at js day and night for each man and horse The charge 50li.

Item free quarters given to 2j souldiers of Colo: Graves his Regiment for 8 dayes at js 4d day and night for each man and horse, The charge 11li and upwards.

24.25.26 To these 3 Articles we cannot materially informe.

27. To this Article we certifie, That we have pd Excize money to Newport Pannell, in money and Teturnes, But what the summs of money pd, and returnes were we can\not/ informe by reason the Acquittances are lost.

28. We certifie there was 30s by way of distresse taken by Mr James Winde.
[margin] Winde

29. Lastly we informe that we have sent in to Chesterton by warrant sent from Colo: Fleetwood 37 quarters of Beanes prized at 37li.  And further we sent in to Thornton to Colo: Graves his men 12 bushells of Beanes prized at jli 10s.

Besides all these losses and charges, Free quarters have bin given divers times since these unhappy times which we (for brevity sake) omit to relate, and many times provision hath bin sent to the Army which cannot well be valued, and therefore leave the same to your Hon(our)s serious consideracions.

Memorandum There was sent in to Adington to Captaine Abercromy in provision and bedds to ye value of 30li-3s and 20 Labourers at least for one whole weeke together for the making up of the works.

Also sent to Hilsdon to Capt Abercromy and Captaine Shilburne in provision for men & provender for horses to the value of 8li at the least.

Thomas Smyth his marke
Christopher Davy his marke
John Clark his marke
John West his marke
Thomas Snow his marke
Thomas Hilsdon his marke
Thomas Bunce [signed]


National Archives, SP28/148 f.365

Wee the Inhabitants of Winge Answer to every article according to an ordinance of Parliament made the 22 of February 1643 as followeth

  Imprimis there was payd to the first & second subsidie by Thomas Hurndall subcolector unto Robert Grainge high Colector the some of 16-[?-?]
  Their was payd unto the third and fourth subsidies by [blank] sub colector unto Thomas Lygoe high colector the some of 16 6[-?]
Wm Grainge [2] Their was payd unto the fift and sixt subsidies by Thomas Laurence sub colector unto William Grainge high colector the some of 16 6 [?]
Mead [3] Their was payd unto Richard Meade high Colector by Richard Keene sub colector unto the pole money 41-14-6
Peacocke [7] Their was payd by Symon Neygus and William Hutte Colectors for the British Army unto Mr Nathaniell Peacock the some of 34 4 0
Brewer 8 Their was payd by John Goodinch and Thomas Newland sub colectors unto Roger Bruer high Colector for the first part of the 40000li the some of 35 [? ?]
  10 Their was lent upon the propositions Mrs Urdgatt Nayle widow in moneys plate horses & armes as apeares by her information to the value of 160 0 0
  Their was payd upon the proposi(ti)ons more 152 0 0
Tyrill [11] Their was \lent/ fower horses and men receivd by Collonell Tyrill valud at 29 6 0
Temple Their was 8 horses & 8 men with a months pay went under command of Sir Peeter Temple to the vale of 69-0-0
Terrill Their was 4 horses & 4 men with a months pay went under command of Capt Tyrill to ye vale of 35 10 0
Godwin Their was two horses with great saddiles & bridles & pistoles went under command of Colonell Goodin to ye vale of 26 13 4
Scott [12] Their was payd upon the 5 and 20 part and recevd by Mr Scot treasorer the some of 58 0 0
  18  Their was 16 beds sent to Alsbery 8 of them ware del(iver)ed to Collonell Tyrill & the other 8 ware deli(ver)ed at the House of correction by his appoyntment to the vale of 16 4 0
  The Lord Whortons troope tooke away from the Earle of Carnarvons house 12 beds 12 bolsters 12 payre of blancetts and 12 payre of sheets to the vale of \they were caryed to Alsbery/ [Ascott House was sacked in Nov 1642] 30 0 0
  Their was taken by the Lord Whortons troope from the Earle of Carnarvan of hay to the vale of 60 0 0
  Their was taken by the Lord Whortons troope from the Earle of Carnarvan one Tennt to the vale of 60 0 0
  Also their was taken from William Hoore by the Lord Whortons troope one bedd to the value of \& caryd to Alsbery/ 1 0 0
Terrill 19 Their was payd part of one months taxe unto Collonell Tyrrill by Mr Theed & Mr Leygoe Colectors ye some of 7:19:8
Barnes and part of 3 months taxe unto Thomas Barnes by Mr Lygo & Mr Theed the some of 30:6:6
Westall and part of 3 months taxe payd to Mr Westall by Mr Theed the some of 1 1 1
Scott and 12 months payd to Mr Hodges at 15li 10s the month payd by William May the some of 186:0:0
Deverell two months taxe payd by Richard Pedder unto Mr Deverill the some of 31:0:0
Peacock part of 3 months taxe payd by William May unto Mr Nathaniell Peacock ye some of 17:9:0
Baldwin Payd to Mr Bauldin one months taxe by Richard Pedder the some of 15:10:0
Woodhouse Payd to Mr Woodhouse 8 months taxe by Thomas Higgs William Pearson and Richard Pedder the some of 122:9:9
Scott Payd to Mr Scott one months \taxe/ by John Goodinch the some of 15:0:0
sequest 22 Mr John Syers his land sequestated to the vale of 110 0 0
  but was taken off by Mis Syers by agreement with the comites at Alsbery for the some of 40 0 0
  The Earl of Carnarvans land sequestred and we have sent their owne information  
Greenvill 23 Sent to Captain Grinvill quartering at Borton in oats to the vale of 1:5:10
  for povisions sent to the Earle of Esix army quartering before Oxford to the value of 4:12:2
  for hay sent to Walton for the use of Captaine Fyps to ye vale of 1:12:0
  for oats sent to Laighton for the use of Capt John Carmoyle to the vale of 0 18 0
  for oats sent to Crafton for the use of Capt: Cromey to ye value of 4-4-0
  for quartering Capt: Patisons troope 9 weeks and 6 dayes to the vale of 455:0:0
  for oats sent to Wingrave for the use of Capt Ginkins his troope to ye vale of 3 4 0
  for quartering Maiors Yours his troope with us one night to the vale of 5:0:0
  for oats sent to Mentmore for the use of Maior Neilds troope to ye vale of 0:8:0
  for quartering Capt Griffins troop with us 6 dayes to the vale of 27:12:0
  for quartering Capt: Purback Templs troope one day to the vale of 6 14 0
  For oats sent to Crofton for the use of Captan Welis his troope to ye vale of 14 13 0
  For oats sent to Crafton for the use of Collonell Beares troope to ye value of 14 0 0
  For oats sent to Laighton for the use of Maior Redmans troope to the vale of 1 10 0
  for oats sent to Great Brickell for the use of Maior Moores troope to ye vale of 48 6 0
  Charges with a sick soulder under Comand of Capt Pretty in Comissary Iretons reg(i)m(en)t to the vale of 12 0 8
  For hay and oats sent to Bister for the use of Capt Sankeys troope to the vale of 51 0 0
  For quartering Sir Thomas Fairfax his life gaurd 5 weeks and two dayes to the value of 126:1:6
  For quartering Collonell Gravel his troope 4 weeks & two dayes to ye vale of 36:10:0
  for quartering Capt Shilborns troop with us 6 dayes to the vale of 30 0 0
  for quartering Capt Abacromie and Captain Ginkins 7 dayes to the vale of 30 0 0
  Capt Cromwell quartered 50 men with us 6 dayes to the vale of 30 0 0
  Comisary Coplin quartered 36 men with us 5 dayes to the vale of 13 10 0
  Collonell Crafford quarterd 140 men one day and night to the vale of 7 0 0
  Collonell Unies quartered 40 men with us one night to the vale of 3 0 0
  for oats sent to Laighton for the use of Colonell Cockins to the vale of 0 16 0
Exsizes 27 payd to the office of excize in Alsbery the some of 34 9 6
Randall 28 A distresse taken by Mr John Randall for none payment of the months taxe in the time of sequestration the some of 3 4 0
Gosse A distresse taken by Henery Gose by a warrant from Collonell Boustead for the 27 dayes taxe the some of 1 9 0
  [29] Wee have remooved my lord generalls carrages at severall times to ye vale of 30:0:0
  Wee lost 8 horses & hornis when my lord generall went to releive Gloster and carters wages to ye vale of 34:0:0
  Wee have lost 24 horses taken a way from us under pretence of the stats service to ye vale of 120:0:0
  Charges for provisions when my lord generall lay at Great Brickill to ye vale of 40:0:0
  Their was taken from the Earle of Carnarvan by Collonell Browne in Silver plate to the vale of 80:0:0

[signed] Tho Smith
William Hore[?]
John Goodinch

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