Subsidy, 1641

National Archives, E179/80/300

For more about the Subsidy, see Subsidy 1628. It was paid by the wealthiest on the basis of the annual value of their land if it was £1 or more, or on goods worth £3. All the Winslow assessments were on land. The first figure is the assessment and the second is what they actually had to pay.

William Lownes £2 16s
Cert' John Paxon £2 16s
Nicholas Spooner £1 8s
John Shelton £1 8s
Thomas Hogson £1 8s
Robert Maynwaring clericus £1 8s
Ralph Phipp senr £1 8s
Ralph Phipp junr £1 8s
Thomas Miller alias Graunt £1 8s
John Burtt £1 8s
Henry Pym senr £1 8s
Daniell Seayre £1 8s
William Evershew £1 8s
William Hoggson £1 8s
Assessors Peter Fige sen £2 16s
Richard Edmunds £2 16s
William Glennister sen £1 8s
Thomas Stevens £1 8s
Hugh Seaton sen £1 8s
William Wyatt £1 8s
Total £9 12s    Ralph Phipps subcollector
Little Horwood
Richard Cooper £1 8s
Assessors Henry Curtis £1 8s
John Illing £1 8s
John Barton £1 8s
Affi(davi?)t Jonas Bayleife £1 8s
Recusant Oliver Stiles £1 16s
Robert Grainge £2 16s
George Williat £1 8s
Arthur Smyth £1 8s
Total £4 8s   John Allnitt subcolector