1841 Census: Workhouse

The newly-built Workhouse was enumerated separately. The inmates would have come from the villages in the Winslow Union as well as Winslow itself. Read more about one of them, Eliza Kirk. There were only 49, vastly below the building's capacity.

The enumerator bracketed some people together as family groups, and this has been indicated by lines above and below the names. It does not seem to have been done consistently.

See 1841 Census introduction for more information.

Place First name Surname Age (m) Age (f) Employment Born in county?
Winslow Union Workhouse
p.1 Thomas Willetts 35   Master Yes
  Frances Willetts   33 Matron Yes
  Hannah McDaniel   15 Schoolmistress No
  Samuel Jones 15   Schoolmaster No
  Alice French   50 Lacemaker Yes
  Martha Warner   13 Plaiter Yes
  Joseph Mew 13     Yes
  Mary Scott   12 Plaiter Yes
  Anthony Scott 11     Yes
  John Cockerell 65   Basketmaker No
  John Hailey 55   Shoemaker Yes
  Elizabeth Wheeler   50 Servant Yes
  James Prentice 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  James Walker 30   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Benjamin Yeats 13     Yes
  Jane Walker   35 Servant Yes

  Sarah Stokes   30 Lacemaker Yes
  George Stokes 10     Yes
  Rachael Marks   13 Lacemaker Yes
  James Lamburn 13     Yes
  William Wood 70   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Sarah Wood   20 Lacemaker Yes
  Alfred Price 1 year 6 months     Yes
  Sarah Palmer   20 Lacemaker Yes
  William Robins 10     Yes
p.2 Joseph Robins 8     Yes
  Edward Norman 80   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  John Butcher 14   Tailor Yes
  William Higgins 7     Yes
  Elizabeth Hailey   35 Lacemaker Yes
  Maryann Johnson   9   Yes
  John Bates 50   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Eliza Kirk   12 Plaiter Yes
  William Kirk 14   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Elizabeth Bowden   85 Lacemaker Yes
  Mary Smith   65 Knitter Yes
  Richard Clark 65   Agricultural Labourer Yes
  Martha Clarke   25 Lacemaker Yes
  Matilda Clarke   6   Yes
  Ann Arnold   65 Errand woman Yes
  William King 13     Yes
  Thomas King 9     Yes
  Mary Baker   60 Lacemaker Yes
  William Dimmock 50   Shoemaker Yes
  Arthur Dimmock 5     Yes
  Rebecca Moxon   7 Plaiter Yes
  Nathaniel Moxon 9   Plaiter Yes
  Mary Holdham   20 Plaiter Yes
  Sophia Newman   45 Knitter Yes
  Sophia Pollard   30 Lacemaker Yes
p.3 Mary Hurst   13 Lacemaker Yes
  Jane Hurst   10 Lacemaker Yes
  Sarah Seabrook   65 Needlewoman Yes
  Mary McDaniel   40 Visitor No
  Thomas McDaniel 2     No






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