Will of John Wynter, 1478

Herts RO 2AR28

[Translated from Latin]

In etc. 24 July AD 1478 I John Wynter of Wynselowe, sound, etc. Item I bequeath to the high altar 4d and to the other altars in the church 4d. Item to the repair of the torches 4d. Item to the maintenance of the bells 16d. The residue etc. I give & bequeath to my executor. And I ordain, make and appoint William Olyver my executor to dispose, etc.

Probate 29 July in the year written above & (he) has discharge.


John Wynter is well attested in the Winslow Manor Court Books from 1435, when he bought a capital messuage and 9 acres from William and Alice Hogges alias Baker to 1486 when he sold a half-acre to William Davy. He served once as juror.


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