Inventory of Thomas Williams, 1602

Herts RO A25/1859

The True and perfitt Inventary of all and singuler the goods debts and Cattells of Thomas Williams late of Wynslo in the Cownty of Buck deceased made and praysed the xxvjth daye of aprill in the yeare of o(ur) lord god 1602 by Henry Wendover, Fraunces Brinsall, Will(ia)m Spooner al(ia)s Lunt and Richard Shelton

In Primis v old packe horses
iij li vj s viij d
Item iiij old packsaddles and iij payer of old pannyers
vj s viij d
Item an old ark for Corne
vj s viij d
Item two Tables a forme a Chayer and thre stooles
x s
Item an old Cupborde and v Cofers
xiij s iiij d
Item thre Tubbes, an old kever ij payles and ij firkyns
iij s iiij d
Item a pot ij posnetts iiij litle kettles a skillet a scimmer[?] ij Candelstickes and one litle morter
x s
Item iiij old dishes ij porringers iiij sawcers a salt a dosen of old spoones a chamber pott
iij s iiij d
Item a payer of potthookes ij payer of pothangers a payer of andirons a spitt a fryenge pa(n)ne a dripping pa(n)ne a gardiron and an iron for the fyer
iiij s
Item two litle forkes, a hatchet a bill and a spade
xvj d
Item a hen pen vj treen dishes iij litle old bolles and a half peck
x d
Item a standinge Bedstede ij borded bedstedes a trucklebed and an old Cradle
vj s viij d
Item two old wheeles a boulting hutch and a kneadinge troughe
xvj d
Item a litle old Fetherbed an old flockbed ij bolsters ij pillowes iij Cusshyons v sheetes a Coverlet and iij blancketts
x s
Item thre warpe of Cole Fishe
ij s
Item his wearinge apparell
x s
Item owenge to him by one Lilly White of Great Horwood
iiij s
Item owenge to him by Will(ia)m Robson of Steple Claydon
xx s
Item owenge him by one Greve a chandeler of Buckingh(a)m
v s
Item ij dosen and a half of roughe flaxe at Buckingh(a)m
vij s vj d
Summa Totalis
ix li xij s viij d

[Latin] Mark of Agnes Williams administratrix

[Presented by Agnes Williams administratrix on 18 May 1602]


Thomas Williams was buried at Winslow on 26 April 1602.

warpe of Cole Fishe: A warp is a quantity of fish, usually 4 (OED, s.v. warp, n.1 5a). The coal-fish (OED) is allied to the cod.

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