Will of Thomas Whenylborowe, 1546 (proved 1547)

Herts RO 3AR75

In the name of god amen the xxiiij day of Novembre in the yere of owr lord god 1546 I Thomas Whenylborowe of the p(ar)ish of saynct Lawrence in Wynselowe beyng sicke in body & hole in sowll & of p(er)fyght memorye I thanke J(esus) do make (thi)s my last wyll in man(ner) and forme folowyng First I bequeath my sowll to god Allmyghtie to his blessid mother o(u)r lady saynct Mary & to all the gloryiouse company of hevyn & my body to be b(ur)yed w(i)thin the churchyarde of st Lawrence in Wynselowe aforesaid It(e)m I do bequeath to the mother church of st Albaynes ij d  It(e)m I bequeathe to Anthony my soon a hold bed w(i)th all things belonging unto yt & iij payr of sheyts a Calfe & my [word omitted] to bryng yt up  It(e)m I make my wyefe my sole Executrix these wytnes Sir Thomas Graunge curate Jhon Whenylborowe & Jhon Austen, John Brynsaw

[Probate granted 2 June 1547 to the Executrix.]


hold ?= old