Will of Nicholas Wendylborow of Wynslowe, 1507 (proved 1508)

Herts RO 2AR135

[Latin] In dei nomine amen xjo die mensis Junii anno domini mo cccccvijo Ego Nicholaus Wendylborow sane mentis & memorie compos condo testamentum meum in hunc modum  In primis lego animam meam deo patri omnipotenti beate Marie & omnibus sanctis corpusque meum sepeliend’ in cimiterio ecclesie parochialis divi Laurencii de Wynslow  Item lego summo altari unum modium brasii  Item torticiis & campanis duos modios brasii  Item lumini sancte crucis unicum modium brasii Residuum vero bonorum meorum non legat’ do & lego Alicie uxori mee quam constituo executricem mean cum Ricardo Davy quem etiam volo coexecutorem fore ut ipsi bene & fideliter solvant omnia debita mea quibus solutis do & lego totum residuum bonorum meorum dicte Alicie ad sustentacionem eius & filiorum meorum  Et ut istud testamentum fideliter impleatur ordino & facio Thomam Grawnte supervisorem coram hiis testibus domino Rogero Angewyn [locum?] vicarii supportante & filio eiusdem legitimo Thoma Angewyn in artibus bc’ Johanne Davy Ricardo Hale & Guilelmo Grawnte cum multis aliis

[translation] In the name of God amen. On 11 June 1507 I Nicholas Wendylborow, of sound mind and healthy of memory, make my will in this way. First I bequeath my soul to God the almighty father, the blessed Mary and all the saints, and my body to be buried in the churchyard of the parish church of holy Laurence of Wynslow. Item I bequeath to the high altar one bushel of malt. Item to the torches and bells two bushels of malt. Item to the light of the holy cross one bushel of malt. The residue indeed of my goods unbequeathed I give and bequeath to Alice my wife, whom I appoint my executrix with Richard Davy, whom I also wish to be co-executor, so that they may well and faithfully pay all my debts. Those having been paid, I give and bequeath all the residue of my goods to the said Alice for the maintenance of herself and my children/sons. And so that this will may be fulfilled faithfully, I ordain and make Thomas Grawnte the supervisor. Before these witnesses: Master Roger Angewyn, supporting the place[?] of vicar, and his legitimate son Thomas Angewyn, bachelor of arts, John Davy, Richard Hale and William Grawnte, with many others.

[Probate granted 16 June 1508]