Administration of Henry Wendover, 1627

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Henry Wendover died intestate in 1625 (buried 28 Jan 1624/5). He is listed as churchwarden in the parish registers of 1612. He married Elizabeth Lowndes (nee Hughes), widow of Robert, in 1604, shortly after the death of his first wife Anne, nee Edmunds. He held 4 messuages and 120 acres of land, making him the biggest individual landholder in Winslow, so the poor state of his finances in the accounts below is very surprising. His elder surviving daughter Frances married his stepson William Lowndes in 1612, making him the great-grandfather of William Lowndes of Winslow Hall. His younger daughter Elizabeth married William Spooner (30 May 1627).

[p.1] The true & perfect Accompte of Franncis Lownds
wife of William Lowndes Administratix of all & sing[ular]
the Goodes debts Chattles Rights & Creditts of Hen(ry)
Wendover late of Winslowe in the County of
Buck(ingham) within the Archdeaconry of St.Albans &
Diocesse of London gent deceased Intestate
made & declared aswell of & upon all & sing(u)ler
said Goodes Debts Chattles Rights & Creditts of
the saide deceased W(hi)ch sithence his death are
come to the hands & possession of this Accomptante
As also of  & Upon  all & sing(u)ler such payments
expenses & summes of monie w(hi)ch this said Accomptante
hath paide expended & laide forth in & about
the payment of the debts & other
duties owing & belonginge by & to the said deceased
And to the Adm[ini]strat[i]on of his Goodes necessarilie
incident & appyteyninge as hereafter is plainlie
Verified & declared viz

The Charge
Imprimis this Accomptante chardgeth herselfe w(i)th the sum(m)e of one hundreth eighteene pounds ten shillings and eight pence of lawful monie of England for the true price & value of all & sing(u)ler the goods debts chattles rights & creditts of the saide deceased ment(i)oned & conteyned in the Inventary hereof made & exhibited into this Courte A true copie whereof was shewed to the Judge at the passinge of this Accompte
Sum Total
The dischardge
Whereof this Accomptante desireth to be allowed these partic[u]ler summes by her laide forth as followeth
Imprimis this Accomptante hath paide expended and laide forth in & about the necessarie charges of the Buryall of the saide deceased 
Itm she paid to the Minister for a Mortuary
Itm she hath paide for Let(ter)s of Adm(in)strat(i)on [deleted text] bond enteringe Inven(tor)ies [?] ingrossinge & Apparritors fee with chardges of travaile incident hereabouts
Itm the Accomptante hath paid to Robert Benbow of Winslow aforesaide for the debte of the saide deceased due upon  bond   
Itm she hath paid to Mr.Bennett Redman of Whitchurche in the Countie of Buck(ingham) for the debte of the saide deceased due by bond 
Itm she hath paide to Robert Lowndes of Winslow aforesaide for the debte of the saide deceased due by bond & for other Chardges incident therewith[?] 
Itm she hath paide to Henry Pym of the same for the debt of the said deceased
Itm she hath paide to John Fynnell late servant to the saide deceased for wages due to him
Itm she had paide to divers p(er)sons of Winslowe for small debtes owinge unto them by the said deceased in all
Itm for the searche of the Inventary
ltm for p(ro)ces to calle this Accomptante to passe her  
Itm for the Apparritor  for servinge thereof
Itm for the drawinge of this Accompte into paper to remaine for the Recorde of the Courte    3 4
Itm for the Proctors fee & p(ro)xie in & about the same   3 4
Itm to the Judge for viewinge examininge & allowinge of this Accompte     3 4
Itm for ingrossinge of this Accompte into partchment whereunto the Quietus est w(it)h the seale of Office is  annexed   4  
Itm for the saide Quietus est  & the seale 
Summa totalis Expensorum
Soe remayneth in the handsof this Accomptante

[Latin note in another hand]

Jurata fuit de veritate p(re)miss(oru)m ap(ud) Villa(m) S(anc)ti Albani in p(er)sona W(illel)mi[?] Rolfe p(ro)cur(ator)is eiusdem ultimo die Aprilis 1627

She was sworn about the truth of the aforesaid at the town of St Albans in the person of William[?] Rolfe her proxy on the last day of April 1627

[Latin subscript in a different hand]

Jacobus Rolfe etc notu(m) facimus [universis deleted] ult(imo) die
Aprilis apud Villa(m) S(anc)ti Albani Audito et Recepto p(er) nos
Comp(o)to etc Francisce Lowndes ux(oris) Will(el)mi Lowndes Ad(ministratricis)
b(onorum) etc Henrici Wendover nup(er) de Winslow ab intestato
def(unc)ti de et sup(er) Ad(ministratione) sua in bonis etc d(ic)ti def(unc)ti Quia ex h(uiu)smo(d)i
Comp(o)to etc Comperimus et Invenimus d(ic)ta(m) Ad(ministratricem) in Bonis etc
bene et fidel(ite)r Administrasse Ac ver(um) et fidele(m) Comp(o)tum inde Reddidisse
Ipsam igitur Francisca(m) Adm’  p(ro)c(urator)is in debita iuris forma ad S(an)cta dei
Evangelia sup(er) veritat(em) Comp(o)ti h(uius)mo(d)i primitus Jurat(am?) etc Salvo iure etc

We, James Rolfe, make known that on the last day of April at the town of St Albans, having heard and received the account etc. of Frances Lowndes wife of William Lowndes, administratrix of the goods etc. of Henry Wendover, late of Winslow, deceased intestate, concerning and upon her administration of the goods etc., of the said deceased, that from this account etc. we find and discover that the said administratrix of the goods etc well and faithfully administered and rendered a true and faithful account for them, Frances herself therefore by the action of her proxy having sworn previously in the due form of law on God’s holy gospels on the truth of such an account as this, not infringing the right etc.

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