Will of Thomas Turner, 1558

Herts RO 1AW117

In ye name of god amen ye yere of owr lorde god m d lviij & ye ix day of februari I Thomas Turner of Wynslow in ye countye of Buckyngha(m) being seke in body but of  gud & p(er)fett memori & dredynge ye hower of death make thys my last wyll in ye manner & forme hereafter folowynge

Fyrst & pryncypally I bequethe my sowle to almighty god my maker & Redeemer besechynge ye blessyd vyrgyn marye & all ye holly feloshipp of heven to pray for me & my body to be buryed in ye churche yarde of saint Lawrence aforesayd

All my goods I geve & beqeth to Emott my wyffe &  to my myn \pore/ chylder\ne/ ye whyche Emott my wyffe I make my full executrix to se my detts payd & to bestowe for my sowle & all chrysten sowles as she shall se cause & where nede ys

Thes beyryng wytnesse

Robert Carter of Lytell Horwod
Henri Lockewod of Wynslow
Thomas Burnam one of hys kepers
& sir Wyll(ia)m Twell ye vicar of Gra(n)borowe w(ith) other moo

[Latin] Probate on 25 September 1558.

M(emoran)d(um) (tha)t thes bey ye dets (tha)t I owe
Inp(ri)mis to Hardynge of London ye elderma(n)       iiij li
It(em) to Hardynge ye yongerma(n) in London           iiij li    
It(em) to John Mylner of Shypt(o)n                 xx s
It(em) to Henri Trowght(o)n of Stratforth        viij s

M(emoran)d(um) (tha)t I have payde to Sau(n)ders of Pottsgrave for Hardynge ye yongar man                           iiij li
I hanevyge noo quittance of hym for ye same payme(n)t
Item mo(ney) owyng to Robert Hardyng                     xx s
mo(ney) owing to Thomas Leyche [or Beyche]                     xx s

Inventory of Thomas Turner, 1558

Herts RO A25/369

The Inventory of Thom(a)s Turner late of Wynslowe

In p(ri)mis a cupbord p(re)syd at iij s iiij d
It(em) ij tables & ij formes p(re)syd at iij s iiij d
It(em) ten pewter dysshes & fyve sawsers at [vi]ij s
It(em) a lev(er) of latte(n) & a brase(n) morter xx d
It(em) five cansticks iiij pewter potts & a salt [v?]iij s iiij d
It(em) ij pans & iiij brasse potts & vj kettles & a posnet xx s
It(em) 5 stayne clothes in the hall iij s iiij d
It(em) xij tubbs & kwarte meles ij s
It(em) vj bedstyds w(i)th iiij stayne curtens x s
It(em) ij fether beds iij mattresses vj bolsters xl s
It(em) ij co(ver)lets & a quilte fyve p(a)re of blankets xx s
It(em) forten payre of shets & iiij table clothes xxx s
It(em) vj napkins iiij twylye clothes v sackes x s
It(em) ij cheres ij coffers iij wheles iij s
In ye Shope
In p(ri)mis iij great chests iij s
It(em) (bushel?) bey salte iij s
It(em) ye resydewe in the shoppe p(re)syd xl s
In the barne
It(em) ij horse xij s
It(em) a cowe & ye calfe xxvj s viij d
It(em) iiij showts a sowe xv s
It(e)m a pare of wheles & a cart rope iij s vi d
It(em) a pare of harnes xij d
It(e)m corne whet barley & otes & haye x s
It(em) in wod xxvj s viij d
It(em) his wery(n)ge ap(ar)ell hat cape cloke cote girkin & hose & a shirte x s
xvj li iij s ij d
Detts that ye sayde Tornor owyth
In p(ri)mis to Robert Hardinge Salter of London iiij li viij s viij d
It(em) to his brother John Hardinge iiij li
It(em) to John Myller his Land Lord xx s
It(em) to Henrye Troghton viij s
It(em) to Thomas Leche[?] vj s viij d
It(em) to Ellen Wenborowe for viij shepe & ij kerchefs xiij s iiij d

presyd in the p(re)sens of John Boston baylye Anthonye Wenborowe Robert Carter Harry Baylye

Richard Palen[?] Wyllia(m) Jacson and Henrye Ellyot


Emott: probably a diminutive of Emma.

kepers: keeper may be used in the sense of gamekeeper, which the OED attests for the 16th century, but there is no evidence of a Henry Lockwood being a person who would employ gamekeepers - perhaps "his" refers to Robert Carter?

Stratforth: probably Stony Stratford, where Troughtons are attested in the 1522 Certificate of Musters

Pottsgrave: Potsgrove, Beds.

lever = laver: a washing bowl.

cansticks = candlesticks.

stayne clothes = stain-cloth, i.e. stained cloth (OED).

kwarte meles = quart meals, i.e. vessels with 1 quart capacity (OED, meal n.3)

bey salte = bay-salt: salt in large crystals (OED). There are some illegible letters before it probably representing bs for bushel.

showt = shoat: a young weaned pig (OED).


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