Administration of Francis Tompkins, 1731

Herts RO 168AW34

[summarised from Latin and English]

Mary Tompkins of Winslow and Bennet Tompkins of Newnton Longville, farmer, are bound to George Paul, official of the archdeaconry, for £200. 17 May 1731.

Mary Tompkins, administratrix of Francis Tompkins late of Winslow, is to present an inventory before 30 Nov 1731 and accounts before 31 May 1732.

Mary Tompkins
Bennet Tompkins

in the presence of John Cole, notary public.


Francis seems to have been the son of Bennet Tompkins of Newton Longville, b. 1702. He was not buried at Winslow. His son Bennet was baptised at Winslow on 6 July 1729 and buried on 15 July 1731.


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