Inventory of William Tomlyn of Shipton, husbandman, 1588/9

Herts RO A25/1292

The  trew and perfect Inventorye of all the goods, Cattells & Debts of William Tomlyn of Shipton in the parishe of Wynslow in the Countie of Buk husbandman deaseased the xth day of marche 1588.  And praysed by the hande of Thomas Myller alys Graunt  John Snow, William Glenister And Thomas Deverell the xijth day of marche in the xxxjth yere of the Reign of the quyens maj(esty) wh(ich) now is   


In the inward Chamber
Item two bedsteds and Testarns ov(er) them of paynted Clothes, iij Coffers, A presse, a lyttill fosser                        xiij s iiij d
Item a featherbed iij bolsters one pillow ij mattreses iij Coverlits
ij blankits iij pare & a halfe of shetes with all other lynyn  And his apparel  
xlvij s
In the haule
Item one table a forme a benche a Chare A Cubbard, a gose pen ij stolles a paire of potehoks a chaine to hang a pott on a paire of cobyarns A spyt a Gerdron  xiiij s
The Brasse
Item a great kettill ij lyttell kettills a great panne a brasse pott a skillit xvj s
The Copery ware
Item two Barrells, iij tubbs a pale a buckit a Lanthorne & iij bottells   viij s
In the Upper Loft
Item ij bedsteds, A Kyver, a Saddell ij hoks a wodden boole & a syve     iiij s
In the Fyld
Item two Lands of beans, & one Land of wheat      xx s
Item a hecferd     xx s
   Sum(m)a totalis
vij li ij s iiij d
detts w(hich) the said William Tomlyn ought at the houre of his deathe [no figure]
[signed] Thomas Tomlyn

[Latin] Exhibitum fuit huiusmodi Inventarium per Thomam Tomlyn Administratorem xvto die mensis Aprilis 1589 pro vero pleno et integro &c sub protestacione de addendo si &c
[signed] Tho Rokitt

[translation] This inventory was presented by Thomas Tomlyn, administrator, on 15 April 1589 as a true, full and complete etc. on condition of adding if, etc.

(Signature)   Tho. Rokett[?] off(icialis)[?]


fosser: i.e. forcer: a chest, coffer or casket (OED)

gose pen = goose-pan, a large stew-pan (OED)

Gerdron: i.e. cauldron

hecferd: i.e. heifer

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