Will of Richard Tomlyne of Shipton, 1538

Herts RO 4AR13

In dei No(m)i(n)e amen the xxiij daye of maij in the yere of o(ur) lord god M vC xxxviij I Ric(hard) Tomlyne of Shypton in the p(ar)yshe of Wy(n)slow beyng of p(er)fyght mynd & good remembrance make & orden my last wyll & testament in maner & forme folowynge  Fyrst I bequethe my soule to allmyghti god to o(ur) ladye seynt marye & to all the co(m)peny in hevyn my bodye to be buryed in the churche yard of Wynslow be fore seyd  Item I bequethe to the hyghe aulter ther a busshell of malt.  Item to ev(er)y aulter in the Churche a bushell of barley.  Item to the sepulcre ij bushells of malt.  Item to the bells Item to the ij bushells of malt.  Item to Jone my doughter An heyffeyr & a calf & all the p(ro)fetts growyng or comyng of the same  Item to the seyd Jone vj shepe & ij lambis  Item yff the seyd Jone decesse before she be of lawfull age than I wyll that all the legacyes to her bequethyd Remayne to the chyld that my wyff is nowe grett w(ith) all & yff that chylde decess than I wyll hytt shall Remayne to Maryo(n) my wyff.  Item to ev(er)y of my seyd chylders half a q(uar)ter of whett & half a q(uar)ter of malt  Item to every of my godchyldre an Ewe & on lamb  The Resydewe of all my goods my detts payed & this my wyll fulfyllyd I gyve & bequethe to Maryo(n) my wyff  The whyche I make & orden my lawfull & sole executre she to do for my soule as she shall thynke most expedyent and the oversears of this my testament I make & orden Wylly(a)m Thomlyne & Water Grant  Thes beynge wytness S(ir) Wyllyam Hobbis Thomas Elyott Ric(hard) Snowe Thomas Cop(er) w(i)th other moo.

[Probate granted 12 July 1538 to the executrix]

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