Will of Thomas Tomlyn of Granborough, 1513

Herts RO 2AR154

[translation from Latin]  In the name of God amen.  In the year of the Lord 1513 on 22 October I Thomas Tomlyn, of healthy mind, make my will in this way.  First I bequeath my soul to almighty God & Saint Mary his mother and all his saints, and my body to be buried in the churchyard of St John the Baptist of Greneburgh.  Item I bequeath to the tomb of St Alban xij d.  Item I bequeath to the high altar viij d.  Item I bequeath to the 4 lights eight bushels of barley.  Item I bequeath to the bells xij d.  The remainder indeed of my goods not bequeathed I give and bequeath to my father, whom I appoint my executor, so that he may dispose for the salvation of my soul.  With these witnesses: William Bracy, vicar of the same place, Henry Pedkyn, Henry Helyatt, with many others.

[Probate granted 3 November1513 to the executor]