Inventory of Thomas Thorn, 1549

Herts RO A25/100

The Inventory off Thom(a)s Thorn off Wynslow lately decessyd and praysyd by John Boston John Palm(er) Lawrence Pykeryng and John Cowp(er) ye xv day off Novembre in an(n)o d(omin)i mlimo cccccmo xlix

In primis in ye hall a table a forme ij cownters a cupborde a dyshbench a benche borde a chayre ij cosshns thre paynted clothes pryce
xij s
It(em) in the chamber a ambre a presse vj cofers v bedsteds w(ith) theyr hangings pryce
xvj s
It(em) a featherbed iij matressys iij under clothes iiij blanckets vj bolsters v cov(er)letts
xxx s
It(em) xij payre off shets ij towells ij table ij clothes a pillow & ij buyllow berys
xviij s
It(em) hys rayment
xvj s
It(em) in ye kitchen a panne a trowgh iiij melys a bultyng vessel a kyimnell vj tubbs a malt cofer iiij panys vi brasse potts vj ketyls ij pothangyngs
xlv s
It(em) xvj pewt(er) platters iiij sawcers a salt seller iiij pewt(er) potts x candelstycks [ - - - - - - ] a chafyngdyssh
xx s
It(em) a payr of cobbards ij spytts [a] trefat a fyreshovell a pothangyng a yrne barre ij gaydyerns p(ry)ce
vj s viij d
It(em) a chesepresse a chese borde a chese racke a butt(er) cherne with dysshes sponys and trenchers p(ry)ce
xvj d
It(em) xiij shepe p(ry)ce
xv s
It(em) iij kene p(ry)ce
liij s iiij d
It(em) iiij bullocks p(ry)ce
xxvj s viij d
It(em) a nagge p(ry)ce
v s
It(em) iiij hogs p(ry)ce
x s
It(em) the croppe
iiij li
It(em) in tymber and fyrewodde
x s
It(em) an axe a hatchet and other small tolys p(ry)ce
vj s viij d
It(em) wynnow cloth iiij sacks ij bags iij pycke forks and ij ladders p(ry)ce
[iij?] s iiij d
It(em) a grynstone p(ry)ce
xvj s
It(em) a hyfe off beys p(ry)ce
xvj d
It(em) whele rym p(ry)ce
ij s
It(em) ij oxe yoykes bords & trestells p(ry)ce
xx d
It(em) an olde gabull rope a busshel a pec p(ry)ce
vj d
It(em) ij gese a gand(er) v hens a [cock?] iiij ducks & a drake p(ry)ce
vj d
Sum(m)a totalys
xx li xj s iij d


In 1550 (according to the 1556 survey), Thomas Thorn's son Thomas took over the windmill of Winslow from his father. If Thomas senior acted as miller himself, his equipment must have been regarded as belonging with the mill, as it was not inventoried.

am[e]bre = aumbry, i.e. a cupboard (OED).

melys = meel: a vessel; a tub, bucket (OED).

cobbards = cob-irons (OED).

gaydyerns = gridirons

gabull = gable: a cable for use with a gin, q.v. (Buckinghamshire Probate Inventories 1661-1714, p.323). Gin = Ginn: a mechanical apparatus for raising weights, etc., worked by hand or by horses (Buckinghamshire Probate Inventories 1661-1714, p.323).