Will of John Stonecke, husbandman, 1583

Herts RO 7AR91

In dei nomine amen the xth day of the month of Maye in the yeare of o(ur) Lord god 1583 I John Stonecke of Wynslo in the County of Buck’ husbandman being sicke and feble in bodye but whole and p(er)fect in mynde thancks be to god almyghtie therefore, Doe make this my last will & Testament in manner and forme followinge.  First I render my sowle in to the handes of Almightie god w(hi)ch gave it me as a quicke and lyvelie sacrefyce thoroughe the deathe and passion of Christ Jesus by whome I trust to be saved onlye  And my bodye to be buryed w(i)thin the Churcheyarde of Wynslo.  It(e)m I geve and bequeathe to the mother churche of St Albans iiij d.  It(e)m I geve to the poore of Winslow xij d.  It(e)m I geve unto Mychaell Stonecke my sonne fyve pounds.  It(e)m I geve unto John Stonecke my sonne v li.  Item I geve unto Christopher Stonecke my sonne v li.  It(e)m I geve unto Robert Stonecke my sonne v li to be delyv(er)ed unto them at their yeares of discrecion.  It(e)m I geve unto Edward Spenser x s.  It(e)m I geve unto Richard Kendall vj s viij d.  Item I geve to Alice Spenser my sister ij s.  All the rest of my goods unbequeathed I will to be distributed amonge my fower sayd chyldren equally.  It(e)m I make myne Executor John Iremonger and myne ov(er)seers Edmond Lowsley & William Benett of Lecestede.  In wytnes wherof Robert D[aunce?] \Richard[?]/ Edmonds[?] w(i)th others.

[Probate granted at Wynslowe by Thomas Blanchard, Vicar of Aston Abbotts, on 21 Sep 1583 to John Ironmonger.]

Inventory of John Stonecke, 1583

Herts RO A75/1074

The true and p(er)fett Inventary of all the goods debts & Cattells of John Stonecke late of Wynslo in the Cowntye of Bucks deceased w(hi)ch were his at the tyme of his life and death made and praysed the xiijth daye of June 1583 by Henry Wallys and Will(ia)m Gyles as followeth

In Primis in the hall and Chamber the paynted clothes
vj s viij d
It(e)m in the Chamber one Table and a forme
xvj d
It(e)m one Cubbord
v s
It(e)m thre Cofers
vj s viij d
It(e)m in pewter with two saltsellers
v s
It(e)m one spitte and a payer of cobirons
ij s
It(e)m thre litle kettles and one small pott
vij s
It(e)m thre payer of sheetes and two Table clothes
xiij s iiij d
It(e)m one olde mattresse and a coverlet
iij s iiij d
It(e)m certeyne Lynnen clothe
v s
It(e)m two bolsters, two coverletts two blanketts, one mattresse, w(i)th two pillowes and two pillow beres
xxiij s iiij d
It(e)m one fyer shovell, a payer of tonges and a payer of bellowes
xx d
It(e)m a grediron w(i)th potthangers and pott hookes
xvj d
It(e)m two lynnen wheles and a wolle whele
ij s
It(e)m a Charne w(i)th other cowpers ware
v s iiij d
It(e)m one old cowe
xvj s
It(e)m Fyve couples of Ewes and Lambes
xvj s viij d
Debts oweinge unto him at the tyme of his decease
In Primis by Henry Wallys
v li iij s
It(e)m by Will(ia)m Tomlyns
xx s
It(e)m by James Emerton
x s
It(e)m by Bartholomew Cornishe
iiij s iiij d
It(e)m by Thomas Wright sen
lvj s viij d
It(e)m by John Ironmonger
xij li xvij s
It(e)m by John Geffes
xxx s
Summa totalis
xxx li ij s viij d

[Presented on 25 Sep 1583 by John Ironmonger, executor]


Lecestede: Leckhampstead?

John Stonecke was buried at Winslow on 12 May 1583. The John and William Stonecke, sons of John, who were baptised at Winslow in 1581 and 1583 were probably his grandsons. Katherine Stoneck, probably his granddaughter, married John Geffs in 1584.