Administration of John Spratley, 1709

Herts RO 146AW34

[summarised from Latin and English]

Jane Spratley of Winslow, widow
Thomas Gibbs of Grandborow, blacksmith
William Gibbs of Winslow, butcher
are bound to the Archdeacon for £200, 16 June 1709

Jane Spratley, widow of John Spratley of Winslow, deceased intestate, is to present an inventory by 31 Dec and accounts by 30 June next year.

Signed in the presence of
Edm(un)d Browne

Jane Spratley
Tho Gibbes
William Gibbs


John Spratley was overseer of the poor in 1702/3. He was a brickmaker according to the accounts for the building of Winslow Hall. He was buried on 3 Nov 1708 (another John Spratly, perhaps his father, was buried on 27 Jan 1700/1, and Ann Spratly widow on 29 April 1705). He and his wife Jane (daughter of Stephen Bigg, d.1704) had these children baptised at Winslow:

Jane the widow was married to Matthew Deverell by the time her death was reported at the Oct 1713 manor court.