Will of John Shelton, yeoman, 1601

Herts RO 7AR199

In the name of God Amen the second day of June in the yeare of our Lord 1601 I John Shelton of Winsloe in the Com of Bucks yeoman being deseased in body but in good and p(er)fect memorie  god be thanked for it doe make this my last will & testament in manner & forme following First I bequeath my soule unto Almighty god whoe hath made me, and redemed me through Jesus Christ my only saviour, & my body as it is earth so to be returned Againe unto the earth from whence it was taken, & to be Decently buryed in the p(ar)ish church or churchyard of Winsloe It(em)  I bequeath & give unto my sonne John Shelton two heifer bullocks w(i)th white faces 3 yeare old & better. It(em)  I give unto my daughter Alice Shelton the some of twenty pounds of lawfull money of England to be payd by five pounds at one payment yearly the first payment to be pay(e)d at ye next Michael[mas the] same one after my decease, and so following at the sayd feast five pounds to be payd yearly until the whole some be payd I give unto the poore of the p(ar)ish of Winsloe x s to be distributed among them w(i)thin one quarter of a yeare after my decease It(em)  I give iij s iiij d to be bestowed towards the paving of the church poarch of Winsloe All the rest of my goods unbequeathed I give and leave unto my sone Richard Shelton whome I make & ordeyne my sole executor In wittnesse wherof I have hereunto set my hand & caused my name to be subscribed the day & yeare first ab[ove] written John Shelton his marke In presence of us wittnesses Robert Maynwaring
Henry Wendover Will(ia)m (mark) Power

[Proved at St Albans 29 July 1601 by Richard Shelton natural son and executor.]

Inventory of John Shelton, 1601

Herts RO A25/1803

The Inventory of the goods and Chattells of John Shelton late of Wynslo in the County of Bucks taken the xvjth daye of June in the xliijth yeare of the reigne of our sov(er)eagne Lady Elizabeth by the grace of god Queene of England France and Ireland defend(e)r of the Faith and praised by Thomas Grau(n)te th'elder Henry Wendover Thomas Grau(n)te the younger and Will(ia)m Spooner al(ia)s Lunt of Wynslo aforesaid

In primis Ltie sheepe
xij li x s
Ite(m) iij beasts ij steeres one bull and x bullocks
xvij li xiij s iiij d
Ite(m) one mare ij horses and ij coltes
vj li xiij s iiij d
Ite(m) vj hogges
xxx s
Ite(m) vj hennes and one cock ij geese and one gander and xix goslings
x s
Ite(m) iiij stocks of bees
x s
Ite(m) xxxij acres of wheat rye barley pease and beanes
xxvj li xiij s iiij d
Ite(m) iij Cartes ij payer of wheeles j ploughe ij payer of harrowes v payer of harnesses with ploughe tymber
iij li
Ite(m) Tymber bourde and wood in the yard and ij hovels
iij li
Ite(m) x payer of sheetes vj table clothes and vj table napkyns
l s
Ite(m) j Fetherbed and bedstede w(i)th bolsters and pillowes, blanckets and other furniture in the nether chamber
xl s
Ite(m) ij Cupbourds, iij Chests ij old bedsteds w(i)th ij mattresses and other furniture thereto belonging
xxvj s viij d
Ite(m) a table w(i)th a frame w(i)th bench and back bourde ioyning & ij chayers j forme with stooles
xiij s iiij d
Ite(m) ij barrels and other Cowpery ware
xiij s iiij d
Ite(m) iiij pottes iij kettles & iij pa(n)nes of brasse and Candelsticks
xxvj s viij d
Ite(m) xij peeces of pewter
x s
Ite(m) ij payer of Cobirons iij payer of pothangers ij spits a fyer shovel and one payer of tonges w(i)th other old iron
x s
Ite(m) Forks raks and other instruments for harvest
iij s iiij d
Ite(m) j malte quearne w(i)th iiij bottells
xiij s iiij d
Ite(m) his wearing apparel
xl s
Ite(m)in ready money in the house at the time of his death
x s
Summa Totalis
lxxxiiij li xvj s viij d

(Latin) mark of Richard Shelton executor

[Presented by Richard Shelton executor 29 July 1601]


John Shelton's will did not make any provision for his second wife Frances (d.1607).

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