Will of William Robynson of Shipton, 1547

Herts RO 3AR74

In the name of god amen the xxvij[?] daye of Ap(ri)ll in the yere of owr lorde a Thowsande fyve hundred fourtie and seavyn I Wyll(ia)m Robynson of Shcyptone in the p(ar)ish of Sayncte Lawrence in Wynselowe beyng sicke in my body and hole in my sowle I thanke Jh(es)u do ordeyn & macke this my last wyll and Testament in man(ner) and forme folowyng  Firste I bequeathe my sowle to allmyghtie god to owr lady sayncte Marye, and to all the blessid compayny of heavy(n) and my body to be buryed w(ith)in the churche yarde of sayncte Lawrence in Wynselowe aforesaid.  It(e)m I bequeath, to ye hygh Awlter for my Tythes neclygentely forgotten iiij d.  Item I bequeath to ev(er)y awltar theyr ij d.  It(e)m I bequeathe to the Seapulcre and the Roode lyghte ij d.  It(e)m to the bells ij d.  It(e)m to the Torchis ij d.  It(e)m I bequethe to ev(er)y one of my iiij doughters (tha)t is to say Agnes Alice and Johan to ev(er)y one of theym a bullocke of iij yeres owlde and a shepe.  It(e)m I bequeathe to my dowghter Isabell Woollmer A shepe.  It(e)m I wyll (tha)t my same doughters shall not have no such things oneles (tha)t (th)ei be rewlyd by my wyfs Counsell.  It(e)m if (tha)t it chaunce to mary then I wyll (tha)t <my wife?> shall delyv(er) to my same Dowghters (tha)t which I have bequeathed theym.  It(e)m I bequeath to Jhon my son my howse after my decesse ye decesse of my wyfe and the same Jhon to pay to his brother Thomas x s within ij yeres after that the same Jhon doith entre to the said howse if so be (tha)t Jhon my soon be not rewlyd by his mother I wylll that he shall not have the said howse no more of my goods moveable nor unmoveable not gyven nor bequeathed but I do gyve holy to Johan my wyfe whome I do ordeyn and macke my sole Executrix to se my Debts and bequests paid and my body honestly broughte to the earth.  These beyng wytnesse Thomas Graunge Clarke and curatt theyr  Walter Myller otherwyse called Graunte Richarde Snawe, Jhon Grace with other moe

[Probate granted 2 June 1547 to Joan the widow and executrix.]