Will of William Punteys of Shipton, 1474/5

Herts RO 2AR19

[translated from Latin]

In etc. 13 March 1474 I William Pu(n)teys of Shypton in the parish of Wynselowe sound of mind make etc. Item I bequeath to the high altar 2 bushels of malt, and to the other altars in the church 4 bushels of malt. Item I bequeath to the honour of St Laurence a surplice. Item to the light of the holy cross a good heifer calf.  Item to the torches 1 bushel of malt. Item to the repair of the small bells a quarter of malt. The residue etc. indeed I give and bequeath to my executors & Isabel my wife & John my son I ordain, make and appoint my executors to dispose for the salvation of my soul as shall seem most expedient to them. Given the day and year stated above. 

Probate 3 April 1475


William Pounteys inherited a messuage and virgate of land from his father Robert in 1432 (WMCB, p.546), when he was already of age, i.e. at least 20. His son John died in 1479.





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