Will of Rev. James Preedy, clerk, Vicar of Winslow, 1834 (proved 1836)

National Archives, PROB 11/1868/208

This is the last Will and Testament of me The Reverend James Preedy of Winslow in the County of Buckingham Clerk I appoint my son in law The Reverend Richard Berkeley Rector of Great Horwood in the County of Buckingham Clerk to be the sole Executor of this my Will and direct that all my just debts (including my bond for two thousand pounds to the trustees of the Marriage Settlement of my daughter Maria Theodosia late the Wife of Andrew Sandiford Ramsay Esquire but now deceased and my bond for the like sum given to James Edwards Rousby Esquire on his marriage with my daughter Caroline both which Bonds are payable at the expiration of six months after my decease) and my funeral and testamentary expences be paid as soon as conveniently may be after my death. I give to my Servant Peter Hinton if he shall be living with me at my decease one years wages beyond what shall be due to him and all my cloaths and wearing apparel (except my Clerical hat \and other my Clerical Vestments/) and as for all my household goods and furniture plate bedding linen books carriages and horses and all other chattels and effects (except money or securities for money) which shall be in or about my late dwellinghouse at Winslow and any house in which I may reside at my decease I bequeath the same to my daughter Louisa the Wife of the said Richard Berkeley absolutely And I also bequeath to her the legacy or sum of one thousand two hundred pounds sterling which with the value of the stock transferred by me on her marriage will advance her equally with her two Sisters And I direct the legacy duty on such last mentioned legacy to be paid by my
[p.2] executor in addition thereto And as to \all/ the Residue (if any) of my personal Estate and Effects whatsoever the same may be which shall remain after full payment of my debts and funeral and testamentary expences and the legacy aforesaid and any other legacies I may give by any Codicil or testamentary papers It is my Will that the same be divided into two equal shares and that one of such shares shall belong and be paid to my daughter the said Louisa Berkeley for her absolute use and that the remaining share shall be held In trust as follows that is to say In trust for my said Daughter Caroline Rousby during her natural life but the income therefrom arising during her present Coverture to be paid when and as the same shall from time to time become due into the proper hands of my said daughter and upon her sole receipt to such person or persons as she by writing under her hand shall after the same shall have accrued but not by anticipation direct to the intent that the same may always be and remain for her sole and separate use and for her own better maintenance and support only independent of the said James Edwards Rousby and free from his debts engagements interference or control claims or demands whatsoever And from and after the decease of the said Caroline Rousby In trust as to the said last mentioned share for the lawful child or all and every the lawful children of my said daughter who shall be living at my decease if more than one in equal shares and I do not by this my Will make any provision for the children of my late daughter Maria Theodosia Ramsay as they are otherwise amply provided for And whereas the Capital Stock of three thousand one hundred and thirty pounds four shillings and two pence three and a half per cent Bank annuities is now standing in the names of the Reverend Charles Spencer Bouchier Clerk and John Walcot Esquire the trustees of my marriage settlement Upon the trusts thereof whereby the said trust fund is to be laid out in the purchase of real Estates to be settled to my use for life and after my decease and in the event which has happened of there being more than one child of my marriage with my late Wife To the use of such children either sons or daughters for such estate and estates and in such parts shares and proportions as I by my last Will and Testament in writing and Codicil thereto to be executed in the presence of three or more credible Witnesses shall appoint \and failing to appoint/ To the use of such children equally as tenants in common and their heirs and assigns for ever Now by virtue of every power or authority vested in or enabling me in this behalf I do hereby declare and appoint that the trustees or trustee for the time being of my said Marriage Settlement shall stand possessed of the said Three and a half per cent Bank annuities or other the stocks or securities in which their trust fund may be invested at my death from and after that event Upon the trusts hereinafter declared that is to say In case my personal Estate not specifically bequeathed shall not after satisfying my debts and funeral and testamentary expences and other legacies be sufficient to discharge the legacy of one thousand two hundred pounds hereby bequeathed to my said daughter Louisa Berkeley Then Upon trust to levy and raise out of the said trust funds so much money as shall be requisite to make good that deficiency and pay the same with a due proportion of the income of the said trust fund from my decease until the payment thereof to my said daughter Louisa Berkeley her executors or administrators for and their absolute use as personal Estate And as to the residue of the said trust fund or the whole thereof (in case the whole of the said legacy of one thousand two hundred pounds shall be satisfied out of my own personal Estate) and all the real Estates to be purchased with the same Upon trust as follows that is to say As to one equal half part or share thereof In trust for my daughter the said Louisa Berkeley her heirs and assigns to be for her separate use and at her absolute disposal either by deed or will notwithstanding her coverture \and/ as if she were a feme [sic] sole And as to the other part or share thereof In trust for my daughter the said Caroline Rousby her heirs and assigns to be for her
[p.3] separate use and at her disposal in like manner except that during her present coverture the income thereof shall be and continue applicable for her own better maintenance and support only as a personal provision for her and free from the debts and control of or any claims and demands by the said James Edwards Rousby in the manner and subject to the same restrictions against alienating or incumbering the same by anticipation as is hereinbefore expressed in regard to the income of her share of my residuary personal Estate Provided always and I hereby further direct that if my estate liable thereto should prove insufficient fully to discharge both the said two bonds for two thousand pounds a piece (which however I do not expect) then such Bonds shall be paid ratebly thereout so far as the same will extend And in such case I appoint to my said daughter Louisa Berkeley in lieu of the said Legacy of one thousand two hundred pounds so much \money/ as with the stock transferred on her marriage as aforesaid (which for the purpose of this calculation is to be valued at eight hundred pounds sterling) will be equal to the principal sum which shall be actually paid in discharge of each of the said Bonds out of my Estate liable thereto such substituted sum of money to be raised out of the said trust stock or other funds which may be held on the trusts of my said Marriage Settlement and paid together with a due proportion of the income of the said trust fund from my decease until the payment thereof before the residue of such trust fund becomes divisible as hereinbefore expressed And I declare my Will to be that the said Richard Berkeley his executors or administrators shall and may invest such part if any of my residuary personal estate as my be held in trust for my daughter the said Caroline Rousby and her children on Government or real securities and shall have power to call in sell or transpose the same from time to time as he shall deem it expedient so to do until such monies stocks or securities shall become payable or transferable to some person or persons absolutely entitled thereto respectively under this my Will or other wise And that he and they shall be empowered to apply the income thereof for the maintenance and education of the children presumptively entitled thereto or to accumulate the same for their benefit and to apply any part of the principal for their advancement during minority And also have power to appoint a new trustee or trustees thereof in his or their room (whenever it shall be necessary) with the like powers and authorities And that the said Richard Berkeley his executors and adm(inistrat)ors and other my Personal representatives shall be chargeable only for so much monies as he or they shall actually receive by virtue of this my Will And shall not be answerable for any misfortune loss or damage which may happen to my Estate unless through his or their own wilful neglect or default respectively And also that it shall be lawful for him and them respectively by and out of my Estate to retain and reimburse themselves respectively and allow to each other all costs charges damages and expences and in particular all law expences which he or they shall or may suffer sustain or be put unto in or about the execution of this my Will or the trusts thereof And hereby revoking all former Wills by me made I publish and declare this to be my last Will and Testament In Witness whereof I have to each of these four sheets of paper written on one side only signed my name and to this fourth and last of them also affixed my seal this second day of May one thousand eight hundred and thirty four

James Preedy

These four sheets of paper were each of them signed by the above named James Preedy the testator and the last of them was sealed with his seal and they were by him published and declared as and for his last Will and Testament in the presence of us who in his presence and at his request and in the presence of each other have hereunto subscribed our names as Witnesses thereof
Will(iam) Smith Sol(icito)r Hemel Hempstead                      
H. J. R. Collison   W(illia)m Headick Clerk    Clerks to Messrs Grover & Stuart Sol(icito)rs     50 Bedford Row

[p.4] Proved at London 25th October 1836 before the Worshipful William Calverley Curteis Doctor of Laws & Surrogate by the Oath of the Reverend Richard Berkeley Clerk the sole Ex(ecut)or to whom Adm(inistrati)on was granted having been first sworn duly to administer.


James Preedy (b.1753 at Harding, Herts, son of a clergyman) was Vicar of Winslow from 1793. He had a B.A. from Oxford and M.A. from Cambridge. He was also domestic chaplain to Margaret Georgiana, Countess Spencer from 1783 (she died in 1814), and to the 5th Duke of Marlborough from 1817. He had a number of other ecclesiastical appointments before and during his time at Winslow: he was Rector of Hinton in the Hedges from 1809, thanks to the patronage of Earl Spencer. He was much better connected than previous Vicars of Winslow, and his parish duties were probably performed mainly by curates. However, a history of the church choir records him taking a very active interest. He was noted for wearing shoes with massive silver buckles. According to a report of his death in the Northampton Mercury, his residence at the time was 7 Park Road, Regent's Park.

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