Inventory of Martin & Alice Porter, 1593

Herts RO A25/1438

The true and p(er)fit Inventory of All and singular the goods D(e)bts and Cattles of Martin Porter and Alice Porter late of Wynslow in the Cou(n)tye of Bucks deceased made and praysed the therd daye of July 1593 by John Shelton Gilbert Stuttesbery Will(ia)m Gyles and Will(ia)m Lunt al(ia)s Spooner.

Inprimis vj payer of sheets
xij s
Item ix peeses of pewter
iiij s vj d
It(em) v sausers
x d
It(em) iij candlesticks and iij pewter potts
iij s iiij d
It(em) ij materisses and iij bolsters
v s x d
It(em) iiij coverlets and iij blanckets
ix s iiij d
It(em) a winoinge sheet
xvj d
It(em) a basket
ij d
It(em) iij tubs and ij barrels
ij s vj d
It(em) a woollen wheel and a lynen wheel
x d
It(em) one stocke payle
iij d
It(em) a payer of cotirons and a trevit
x d
It(em) a lanthorne
ij d
It(em) ij cettles
vj s
It(em) one brasse pott
iij s
It(em) one posnett
xij d
It(em) a payer of tongs and a payer of pothangers
xij d
It(em) a payer of hangers w(i)th a cheane
viij d
It(em) a spit and a gridiron
viij d
It(em) one axe and a hatchet
viiij d
It(em) xxxiij bords
vj s
It(em) viij payer of tressles
xx d
It(em) ij laders
xiiij d
It(em) vj coshens
x d
It(em) vj stone potts \and iij stooles/
viij d
It(em) one cheare a table w(i)th a forme
ij s
It(em) pillowbers
iij s
It(em) iij tableclothes
ij s
It(em) vj napkins
xviij d
It(em) a hovill and the hogstye w(i)th the wood in the yeard and a canch of haye
xiiij s
It(em) vij pound of hempe
ij s iiij d
It(em) one bedsteed
iij s
It(em) ij paynted clothes
xvj d
It(em) vij hens and a cock
ij s iiij d
Summa Totalis
iiij li xvj s xj d

[Latin] Mark of Richard Porter, administrator

[Presented by Richard Porter administrator 4 July 1593]


Richard Porter, probably the son of Martin and Alice, was baptised at Winslow on 17 Aug 1562. Martin Porter was buried on 11 April 1591. Alice's is not recorded as the records for 1593 are missing.

canch: a small pile (Webster's Dictionary)

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