Administration of Edward Ping, 1665

Herts RO 101AW32

[Translated from Latin] May everyone know through the present (documents) that I, Richard Seaton of Winslow in the county of Bucks [blank], am held and firmly bound to Christopher Shute, professor of holy theology, archdeacon of the archdeaconry of St Albans in the diocese of London, for twenty pounds of good and legal money of England, to be paid to the same archdeacon or his certain attorneys, executors, administrators or assigns, to the making of which payment well and faithfully I firmly bind myself, my heirs, executors and administrators by the present (documents). Sealed with my seal. Given on the sixteenth day of the month of October in the seventeenth year of our lord Charles, by the grace of God king of England, Scotland, France and Ireland, defender of the faith, anno domini 1665.

[English] The Condic(i)on of this obligac(i)on is such that whereas the Ad(ministra)tion of all & sing(u)l(a)r the goods debts rights & Chattles of Edward Ping late of the parish of Winslow in the Countey of Hertford Bucks aforesaid is com(m)itted & granted unto the above bounden Richard Seaton. If there fore the said Rich Seaton shall well & truely pay or cause to be paid unto Edward Cox sonn unto Thomas Cox of Swanbourne in the County aforesaid the Just & full Somme of Seaven pounds of law\full money/ w(i)th such proportionable Increase or use at six p(er) Cent when he shall accomplish the age of one and Twenty yeares & in case the said Edward Cox shall happen to dye before he shall accomplish the age aforesayd then the said sum(m)e to be paid unto the said Edward Cox Tho Cox the father of the Said Edward that (the)n this obligac(i)on to be void or else to remaine in full power Strength & vertue.

[signed] Richard Seaton

these words interlined Lawfull mony

[Latin] Sealed and delivered in the presence of
[signed] Griffith Jones

Second obligation, 1680

Herts RO 116AW18

[Latin] Matthew Deverell of Swanbourne yeoman and Thomas Cox of the same farmer are bound for £25 by the present (documents) sealed with our seals dated 26 May 1680.

[English] The Condic(i)on of this obligac(i)on is such that whereas the above bounden Mathew Daverell hath receaved before the delivery of these presents the sume of Thirteene pounds of Lawfull Money of England of Richard Seaton for the use benefitt and behoofe <of> Edward Cox a Minor & Legatee named in the last Will and Testam(en)t of Edward Ping late of Winslow dec(eas)ed as Guardian & Curator Lawfully assigned to the said Minor dureing the Minority & to the use of the said Minor. If therefore the said Mathew Daverell his heires Executors Administrators and Assignes Doe pay or cause to be paid to the above named Edward Cox the sume of Twelve pounds \and ten shillings/ of Lawfull money of England w(i)th Lawfull Interest from the Date hereof when and at such tyme as the said Edward shall attaine his full Age of one and Twenty yeares or to such p(er)son or p(er)sons as by Law shall receive the said sume w(i)th interest as aforesaid That then this Obligac(i)on to be void or else to remaine in full force and vertue

[signed] Mathew Deverell
the mark of Thomas Cox

and the words (and ten shillings) being first interlyned

[Latin] Sealed and delivered in the presence of
John Bircheford surr
Richard Sexton
Edm Browne N.P.


Edward Ping was buried at Winslow on 24 March 1664/5. His will was not registered at St Albans, and it is likely that it was invalidated by some technical flaw, but the Archdeacon decided to uphold the legacy. Richard Seaton's connection with him is unknown.

Edward's first wife Agnes was buried on 23 Jan 1640. He then married Margaret Parker at Winslow on 3 May 1641. His children were:

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