Inventory of William Pigot of Little Horwood, 1552

Herts RO A25/128

This has been transcribed from a printout of a microfilm, some of which is very faint. More would be legible in the original.

The Inventorye of All & syng(u)ler the goods & Catalls of Wyllya(m) Pygote of Horwod P(ar)va in the Countie of Buck Esquyer late decessyd made the vjth daye of maij & of the Reygne of o(ur) sovereygne lord Edward the vjth by the grace of god of England France & Irland Kynge defender of the faythe & of the churche of England & Irland next under cryst in earth supreme head the vjth yer & praysed by Robert Wyllyott John Coper John Hawkyns of Horwood before seyd yemen : praysed indeferentlie elect & chosyne to the same wyth Sir John Swanne vycare of the seyd Horwod

In p(ri)mis foure oxen v li xij kynne x li viij bullocks iiij li
xix li
Itm iij geldyngs iiij li v mares p(ri)ce iij li vj s viij d
vij li vj s viij d
Itm iij horscolts iij li x hogges xx s on bore iij s iiij d S(u)m(ma)
iiij li iiij s iiij d
Itm C Ewes & lambes p(ri)ce xj li xx wethers iij li on C of Tegges & drye shepe p(ri)ce xj li S(u)m(ma)
xxv li
Itm on shode Cart p(ri)ce xx s a ploughe share & Culture p(ri)ce v s ij yoks wythe ij cheynes iij s a carte brydle xij d a peyre of yron harrows iij s S(u)m(ma)
xxxij s
Itm ij ladders xij d a myll callyd a querne vij s wood & tymb(e)r in the yard xx s S(u)m(ma)
xxviij s
Itm iiij gees wythere broode p(ri)ce
ij s
Itm xx acres of peses & beanes iij li viij acres of wheate xl s x acres of barleye xxxiijs iiij d iij acres of Otes ix s S(u)m(ma)
vij li ijs iiijd
Itm ij Racks iij mangers iij s on Cart body xij d S(u)m(ma)
[i]iij s
Itm iiij Capons ij s iiij d on cock & ij henne xij d S(u)m(ma)
iij s iiij d
Itm iiij q(uar)ters of malt xxvjs viijd on hu(n)dred of boulders[?] xx d S(u)m(ma)
xxviij s iiij d
Itm vij brasse potts wyth a chafer pott xvij s viij d iiij pannes of brasse xxx s iiij posnetts vj s a chafyng dyshe & a brasyne morter ij s vj spytts xv s on peyre of Cobyrnes a fyre forke wythe a gridyrne v s a fryenge panne & a gospanne ij s ij Trevetts ij payre of pottehoks
ij [..]yng of Iron iiij s S(u)m(ma)
v li x s viij d
Itm viij Candlesticks iij s iiij d [..]wegges on[...] ij s xij platters vj dyshes vij sawcers v p[...] S(u)m(ma)
xix s [?] iiij d
Itm vj pottyngers iij s ij basens ij ewers v s ij q(uar)te pottes xx d S(u)m(ma)
ix s viij d
In the hall
In primis a table wyth a carpet on forme ij trestles a coubbor(d) vs & the hangyngs of the halle ij s S(u)m(ma)
vij s
In the p(ar)lor
a table ij trestles a cubbord v s a longs[...] a cuppord a Rownd table pr(ice) x s vj chears iiij joyned stoles vj s on carpet vj coshyns & the hangyngs abowt ye p(ar)lor xx s on joyned bedsted with a tester & curteyns of sarsnett & ij forms xl s S(u)m(ma)
iiij li xij d
In the boterye
Itm in the botery iiij sylver spones viij s ij forms & on cubbord wyth shelves iij s iiij d S(u)m(ma)
xj s iiij d
The chamber over the boterye
Itm in the chambr over the boterye on old chest iij coffers v s on bedsted with on tester & curteyns of saye a forme & the hangyngs of the same chambr of old saye pr(ice)
xiij s iiij d
The chambr over the parlor
Itm in the chambr over the parlor ij joyned bedsteds wythe testers & curteyns of dornyxe on old chest a cubbord a cofer with the hangyngs of the same chambr of old saye
xx s
In the chambr over the kytchen
on joyned bedsted wyth a trocle bed a tester of saye with curtayns of the same hangyngs of the same chambr on cubbord iij cofers & a chest
ix s
In the chambr over the larder hows
on bedsted a tester of Coloryd Canvas hangyngs of old saye on old table
vj s viij d
The chambr over the halle
a joyned bedsted ij cofers ij cobbords iij cheyres and hangyngs of the same chambr of old saye
xx s
In the dery howse
on panne a kettle ij bolles iij ches potts wythe iij suters ij sholves & a Churne
vj s viij d
In the larder hows
a trough a kever a boltynge fatt ij old kymmells ij sholves
vj s viij d
In the brew hows
xv tubbes iij chesse racks on olde coper & ij bourds
xiij s iiij d
In beddyng
Itm v fetherbedds v bolsters vj pelows iiij li ij flock beds ij bolsters x s vj coverlets v payre blankets xxx s x payre of shetys iij payre of pelow beres xl s S(u)m(ma)
viij li
Itm iiij table clothes iij Coverletts a dosen & an half of napkins
xvj s
Itm ij troughs & on bushell
vij d
Itm ij sylver salt sellers with the Coveryngs pr(ice)
v li


Herts RO 302AW19, William's admininstration, is not on the microfilm.

William Pigot was a son of Thomas Pigot of Whaddon and Doddershall, the well-known lawyer. He was probably the brother of Robert Pigot, who was one of the biggest landholders in Winslow in 1556, but that is not certain.

boulders: probably cobbles (OED, boulder n.1, 1)

dornyxe = dornick: "A silk, worsted, woollen, or partly woollen fabric, used for hangings, carpets, vestments" (OED)

suters = suiter: "A round board placed between two cheeses in the press" (OED)

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