Will of Thomas Partrige, yeoman, 1583

Herts RO 7AR82

In the name of god Amen the xixth day of [ - - - ]
1583 I Thomas Partrige of Wynslowe in the County of Buck yoma[n]
beinge sicke in bodye but whole in sowle thancks be to god do make
my Last will and Testament in manner and forme followinge Fi[rst]
I bequeathe my sowle into the hands of Almightye god my maker & my body to be [buried]
in the Churche yarde of Wynslo It(e)m I geve to the p(ar)ishe churche of St [Laurence - - - ]
Item I geve to my mother Margarett Partrige one of my best mattriss and one bolster[?] [?not the]
worst of three And also one payer of shetes & the lesser grene coverlet[?] It(e)m [I give]
to my brother Richard Partrige dwellinge at London xxx s to be payd unto [him at]
the ende & terme of v yeares after my decease to be payd at the feast of St M[ichael]
tharchangell It(e)m I geve unto Anthonye Partrige my sonne iij li vj s viij d to be [paid]
unto hym w(i)thin one half yeare after my decease All the rest of my goods [above]
unbequeathed my funerall discharged & my debts payde I geve unto my wyfe [Joan]
Partrige & I make her my whole executrix and I make my ov(er)seers Anthony Jackson [and Robert?]

[Probate granted at St Albans on 5 Nov 1583 to Joan Partridge the widow]

Inventory of Thomas Partrige, 1583

Herts RO A25/1066

The true and p(er)fitt Inventary of all and Singler the goods debts and Cattels of Thomas Partrige at the tyme of his Death while he lyved of Wynslo in the Countye of Bucks deceased made and praised the third day of November in the yere of o(u)r lord god 1583 by Gilbert Stuttesbury Will(ia)m Jackson and Will(ia)m Petyson

In the hall
In primis two tables w(i)th frames, two Formes and two stooles x s
Item a payer of tables
xij d
Item a payer of andirons a paier of tonges a fyre shovell a payer of potthangers a trevett a gridiron a chafinge dishe a payer of bellowes and a litle chayer vj s viij d
In the litle parler
Item a bedstede and olde flockbed, an old coverlet thre Cofers an olde bolster x s
Item ix pounde of course yarne spu(n)ne
iij s
In the parler
Item a bedstede
vj s viij d
Item a fetherbed a bolster and a pillowe
xvj s
Item a Rugge
x s
Item a Carpett, v Cusshyns, two paynted clothes a chayer and a stoole
vij s
In the Chamber over the p(ar)lor
Item a bedstede a fetherbed tike w(i)th a fewe fethers in it, a bolster two Coverings a mattresse a pillowe, two blankettes a Table and a chayer
xx s
In the Buttrye
Item xx peces of pewter as dishes sawsers a salt seller and porringers
xij s
Item fower kettles of brasse, thre candlesticks & a brasen morter
xviij s
In the kitchyn
Item a furnace of leade and a maulte myll
xiij s iiij d
Item fower tubes and one fatte
x s
In the stable
Item a mannger and a rack and certeyne tressells
iij s iiij d
Item the haye
xx s
Item two sowes and iiij store piggs
xiij s iiij d
Item two hovell postes and other wood in the yard
x s
Item his wearing Clothes a cloke, a dublet a payer of Gaskyns a blewe cote a sworde & a dagger
xx s
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Item seven payre of shettes, thre table clothes and a Towell xvj s
Item certyne wooden dishes and spoones
xij d
Item beanes and pease lyeinge in a loft conteyninge by estimacon xij bushels xij s
Item xlv sheepe
iij li vj s viij d
Item a Cradell
vj d
xiiij li xvj s vj d
Debts owing unto the said deceased at the tyme of his death
In primis by Thomas Barton
l s
Item by Nicholas Emerton
ix s
Item by one Newman a salter
x s
Item by Richard Opeley his brother
v s
Item by Lewys of Shipton
xvj s
iij li x s
Summa Totalis
xviij li vj s viij d

Signu(m) Will(el)mi [pentagram] Petison procuratoris executricis

[Inventory presented 5 Nov 1583 by William Petyson proxy of Joan Partrige the executrix]


Thomas Partrig was buried at Winslow on 27 Sep 1583. He married Elizabeth Jackson at Winslow on 9 Nov 1570. Anthony Partrage was baptised on 10 April 1573, and Elizabeth was buried on 23 Aug 1575. His second marriage is not recorded at Winslow but his daughter Bridget was baptised there on 15 May 1581.

Anthony the son was bequeathed 20s by Anthony Jackson, probably his uncle, in 1592.

Gaskyn: A kind of wide loose hose or breeches; trousers (OED, s.v., n.2).

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