Inventory and administration of John Mason, glover, 1612

Herts RO A25/2277

The True and perfitt Inventary of all and singular the Goods debts and Chattells of John Mason late of the parish of Winslow in the Countye of Bucks Glover deceased made and praysed the sixth daye of december Anno Domini 1612 by Henry Wendover William Gyles and Richard Shelton

In primis in the Kitchin three kettles one pott, and two skelletts       xx s
Item  A dozen peeces of pewter two candlesticks, Salts and Spoones  xij s
In ye chamber
Item  One ioyned Bedsteed and a Cubbard      xxvj s viij d
Item  Two tables, five stooles and a Chaire    vj s viij d
Item  A Truckle bed  fower Coffers and a boxe       vj s viij d
Item  One Flockbed  one boulster  three Pillows   two Coverletts  and three blankets xxvj s
Item  Fower paire of sheetes and a halfe  six pillowbeeres  a Table
Cloath and a dozen of Table napkins 
xxvj s viij d
Item  fower Tubbes  A Boultinge hutch  one Barrell  a paile    and Treen * platters vj s
Item  Lether and skynnes viij s
Item  One working beame and other wood   v s
Item  a peece of new Cloath       
xvj s
Item  a pigge and a goose     iiij s
Item  his owne wearinge Apparrell     xxvj s  viijd
Summa Totalis
9 li 10s 4d

[Latin] Exhibitum fuit  huiusmodi Inventarium per Dorotheam Mason viduam relictam et Administratricem tertio die mensis Februarij  Anno Domini iuxta cursum 1612 pro vero pleno et integro omnium &c sub protestacione de addendo si etc.

[signed]               Tho Rokitt

Administration Bond

Herts RO 53AW28

Noverint Universi per presentes Nos Dorotheam Mason viduam
Relictam Johannis Mason nuper dum vixit de Winslow in Comitatu
Buck defuncti et Henricum Wallis de eadem in comitatu predicto
teneri et firmiter Obligari Venerabili Viro magistro Johanni Byll
sacre theologie Professori Archidiacono divi Albani London'
diocesis in Quadraginta libris bone et legalis monete Anglie
solvend' eidem Archidiacono aut suo certo Atturnato Executoribus
Administratoribus vel Assignis suis de qua quidem solucione
bene et fidele faciend' obligamus Nos et utrimque nostrum
per se pro toto et in solidum heredes executores et administratores
nostros per presentes sigillis nostris sigillat' dat' tricesimo die Januarii
anno regni Domini nostri Jacobi dei gratia Anglie Francie et Hibernie
Regis fidei defensoris &c decimo et Scotie quadragesimo sexto

[translation] May all know through the present documents that we, Dorothy Mason, widow, widow of John Mason lately while he lived of Winslow in Bucks, and Henry Wallis of the same place, are held and firmly bound to the Venerable Master John Byll, professor of sacred theology, Archdeacon of St Albans in the diocese of London, for £40 of good and legal money of England, to be paid to the same Archdeacon or his certain attorney, executors, administrators or assigns. For the making of which payment well and truly, indeed, we bind ourselves and each of us by himself for the whole and in entirety (and) our heirs, executors and administrators, through the present documents, sealed with our seals, dated 30 January in the 10th year of the reign of our lord James, King of England, France and Ireland, and 46th of Scotland [1612/13].

The Condicion of this Obligacion is such that yf the above bound Dorothie Mason Administratrix of all and singular the Goods Debts and Cattells of John Mason late of Winslow above written deceased her Executors Administrators or Assignes or anye of them do well and truely Administer the same goods debts and Cattells that is to say do pay or Cause to paye the lawfull debts which  the sayd deceased did owe unto anye manner of persons att the tyme of his lyfe and death affarsoeth as the same goods debts and Chattells will extend or as the law may Charge them  And further doe exhibite or Cause to be exhibited unto the Courte or Registry of the Abovenamed Archdeacon of St. Albans a true and perfitt Inventary of the foresaid goods debts and Chattells  And allsoe doe make or Cause to be made a iust true and faythfull Accompt of and uppon their Adminstracon in the premisses att such tyme and when as they shalbe thereunto lawfully required  And further do ever  here after  cleerely acquite discharge and save harmeles the sayd Archdeacon and his officers against all manner of persons for and Concerninge the grauntinge and Comittinge of the sayd Administracion that then this p(re)se[nt] Obligacion shalbe voyde and of none effect or else to st[and] and abide in full power strength effect and vertue.

Sigillat' [illegible]
[illegible] Arch' in presencia

Dorot Mason
hir mark

Roberti Maynwaring et
Johannis Greenfell  

[signed]   Henry Wallis

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for the Commission 3s 4d
for the Administracion to the Judge with the Condission [or Commission]      vj s viii d
\he will accept of us according to profic[illegible] to the [illegible]/ 12
for the Obligacion 12d
for engrossing the Inventorye 12d 12d
for the Apparitor[?] iijs viij d



treen: wooden (OED, s.v.)

John Mason seems to have been the son of John Leche, glover, d.1547, and brother of Seth Mason, d.1622. His widow Dorothy (nee Wallis, married 1605) married Henry Pym in 1617, and died in 1637 (see 1637 court). The heir of John and Dorothy was their daughter Agnes, wife of Lawrence Shelton (married in 1630; she died in 1643).

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