Will of Anne Lowndes of Cosgrove, spinster, 1812 (proved 1817)

National Archives, PROB 11/1590/12

The main provisions of the will are summarised here:

There were small bequests to:

Her personal estate was to be sold and the proceeds divided into 9:

Her messuages and land were to be sold and the proceeds divided into 8:

The money held in trust was to be invested and the income from it distributed, 1/5 each, to:

The will was dated 17 June 1812, witnessed by John Worley of Stony Stratford, John Cowley of Winslow and John Goodger of Winslow.

It was proved on 1 March 1817 at London on the oath of Rev. Richard Lowndes.


Anne Lowndes was the daughter of Richard Lowndes of Winslow Hall. She was born at Westminster, 19 April 1733. She lived at Cosgrove with her sister Mary, who predeceased her in 1812, but evidently retained her Winslow connections. They were the heirs of their uncle Robert Lowndes of Bletchley (d.1783).

The Cosgrove History website has a full transcription of Anne's will and the advert for the sale of her effects after her death, including a library of 600 volumes, a harpsichord, "a neat Chariot with Harness" and five dairy cows. It also has a transcription of the letters of Ann Gavey who lived with the Lowndes sisters. She wrote to her brother in Nov 1816 that Anne Lowndes had had two strokes.

Anne Lowndes' nieces and nephews were all the children of her brother William, who had taken the name of Selby in order to inherit the Whaddon estate. Rev. Richard Lowndes (d.1828) held various livings simultaneously, including Swanbourne and Tattenhoe.


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